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April 17, 2016

Common cicadas of Nevada

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Common cicadas of Nevada (NV):

Cacama californica Davis, 1919 aka Cactus Dodger

Cacama moorei Sanborn and Heath in Sanborn, Heath, Phillips and Heath, 2011 aka Moore’s Cactus Dodger

Cacama valvata (Uhler, 1888) aka Common Cactus Dodger

Common Cactus Dodger

Clidophleps distanti distanti (Van Duzee, 1914)

Clidophleps tenuis Davis, 1927

Clidophleps vagans Davis, 1925

Diceroprocta apache (Davis, 1921) aka Citrus Cicada

Citrus Cicada

Neoplatypedia constricta Davis, 1920

Okanagana aurora Davis, 1936

Okanagana bella Davis, 1919 aka Mountain Cicada

Mountain Cicada

Okanagana cruentifera (Uhler, 1892)

Okanagana formosa Davis, 1926

Okanagana fratercula Davis, 1915

Okanagana gibbera Davis, 1927

Okanagana hesperia (Uhler, 1872)

Okanagana luteobasalis Davis, 1935

Okanagana magnifica Davis, 1919

Okanagana nigrodorsata Davis, 1923

Okanagana occidentalis (Walker in Lord, 1866)

Okanagana ornata Van Duzee, 1915

Okanagana pallidula Davis, 1917

Okanagana rimosa rimosa (Say, 1830) aka Say’s Cicada

Say's Cicada

Okanagana schaefferi Davis, 1915

Okanagana sperata Van Duzee, 1935

Okanagana striatipes (Haldeman, 1852)

Okanagana triangulata Davis, 1915

Okanagana tristis rubrobasalis Davis, 1926

Okanagana tristis tristis Van Duzee, 1915

Okanagana utahensis Davis, 1919

Okanagana vanduzeei Distant, 1914

Okanagodes gracilis gracilis Davis, 1919

Platypedia areolata (Uhler, 1861)

Platypedia intermedia Van Duzee, 1915

Platypedia mohavensis mohavensis Davis, 1920

Platypedia mohavensis rufescens Davis, 1932

Platypedia putnami lutea Davis, 1920 aka Putnam’s Cicada

Platypedia putnami putnami (Uhler, 1877) aka Putnam’s Cicada

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