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February 20, 2019

Paratalainga distanti (Jacobi, 1902)

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Paratalainga distanti (Jacobi, 1902) is a cicada found in Vietnam, Thailand… and likely adjacent nations. One thing that makes this cicada unique, as well as other members of the tribe Talaingini, is the large number of cells that compose its forewings (tegmina with the nervuration densely reticulate).

Paratalainga distanti photo by Richard Newfrock:
Paratalainga distanti

Specimen identified using the book The Cicadas of Thailand vol 2 by Michel Boulard (page 286).

Scientific classification:
Family: Cicadidae
Subfamily: Cicadinae
Tribe: Talaingini
SubTribe: Talaingina
Genus: Paratalainga
Species: Paratalainga distanti (Jacobi, 1902)

April 23, 2016

Okanagana tristis tristis Van Duzee, 1915

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Okanagana tristis tristis Van Duzee, 1915

Name, Location and Description

From Davis’ key to Okanagana1:

A. Male uncus not hooked at the extremity, sometimes sinuate.

B. Expanse of fore wings more than 50 mm.

C. Base of fore and hind wings orange-red more or less variegated with black.

DD. The outer edge of the front wing of a more continuous curve. Medium-sized species, except schaefferi, which is large.

EE. Legs, especially the front pair considerably blackened.

FF. Dull-bodied species or at most feebly shining, with proportionately narrower wings, and the hind margin of pronotum orange or reddish, except in tristis where it is black. Dorsum of the abdomen often with conspicuous transverse rows of short silvery hairs.

Venation about as in canadensis, but the veins not thickened. Pronotum generally all black, but sometimes mottled with dull red on each side of the center. Further distinguished from the other two species in this section by having the abdomen beneath centrally pale. Expands about 70 mm

Similar to: Okanagana rimosa rimosa (Say, 1830) aka Say’s Cicada, Okanagana canadensis (Provancher, 1889) aka Canadian Cicada, and Okanagana tristis rubrobasalis Davis, 1926.


Family: Cicadidae
Subfamily: Cicadettinae
Tribe: Tibicinini
Subtribe: Tibicinina
Genera: Okanagana
Species: Okanagana tristis tristis Van Duzee, 1915

List of sources

  1. Davis, William T. Cicadas of the genera Okanagana, Tibicinoides and Okanagodes, with descriptions of several new species. Journal of the New York Entomological Society. v27. 179-223. 1919. Link.
  2. Full Binomial Names:
  3. Common names:; The Songs of Insects by Lang Elliott and Wil Herschberger; personal memory.
  4. Locations: Biogeography of the Cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) of North America, North of Mexico by Allen F. Sanborn and Polly K. Phillips.
  5. Descriptions, Colors: personal observations from specimens or photos from many sources. Descriptions are not perfect, but may be helpful.


  • Some descriptions are based on aged specimens which have lost some or a lot of their color.

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