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November 10, 2012

About Cicada Mania

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Dan Mozgai

My name is Dan Mozgai, and Cicada Mania is my website.

Use this email address to contact me:

I usually have time to answer questions via email, and for the occasional phone call.

Other ways to contact Cicada Mania:

Cicada Mania History

2013 will mark Cicada Mania’s 17th year on the web. Here’s what the site looked like back in 1998 two years after its launch.

original Cicada Mania logo

Cicada Mania started as sort of an online wedding album for friends who were married in an outdoor ceremony in Westfield, NJ during the 1996 Brood II emergence. Most of the pictures featured cicadas crawling around the wedding grounds. Eventually I added links to other cicadas sites and basic cicada information. Cicada Mania soon garnered a small but loyal fan base.

The 2004 Brood X emergence was a fantastic time for Cicada Mania: highlights included me appearing on CNN, NPR, and WABC radio, and seeing 50,000 site visitors in one day! Here is a transcript of my CNN appearance.

The 2007 Brood XIII emergence was fantastic as well. I finally got to meet fellow cicada enthusiasts and researchers Roy Troutman, Jerry Bunker, Gene Kritsky and Joe Green. I was also interviewed for Fuji TV.

Cicada Mania currently contains over 1000 photos of cicadas (many high-res), videos, sound clips, a blog, plenty of FAQs and articles, a message board and, of course, t-shirts and mugs, which are my attempt at funding the site.

Some articles that mention me or are about me:

Roy Troutman

Many of the cicada photos and videos on the site come from Roy Troutman. Visit the Roy Troutman page for links to his images and his contact information.


Over the years many people have supported this site, including some celebrated people:

  1. Elizabeth McGrath: U.S.A. based artist.
  2. Laura Imbruglia: Aussie singer/songwriter.
  3. Death Cab for Cutie: U.S. rock band.

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