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November 8, 2023

Cicadapocalypse a graphic novel about periodical cicadas by Roger McMullan

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Roger McMullan has a new graphic novel about periodical cicadas called Cicadapocalypse. You can obtain a copy from Roger’s online store.

As I understand it, “the book is intended as an introduction to periodical cicadas for curious kids during a cicada emergence by creating a fictional narrative around the cicadas rather than hitting them over the head with facts”. A cicada emergence through the eyes of some shocked and surprised cartoon squirrels.

It looks fun to me.


October 5, 2022

Searching for Cicadas by Lesley Gibbes and Judy Watson

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Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. This one is fantastic! Searching for Cicadas by Lesley Gibbes (author) and Judy Watson (illustrator) tells the story of a grandparent and grandchild and their love of searching for and listing to cicadas. The book is set in Australia and features excellent illustrations of Australian species like Double Drummers, Floury Bakers, and Green Grocers. If you’re a library in the New South Wales area or a parent with a kid who loves cicadas, you should own this book. I live in the United States, and I had to import it. Worth every penny. The illustration is accurate and stylish and unique — a fantastic color palate.

The front cover:
Searching for Cicadas

Inside illustrations:

May 16, 2021

Cicada Symphony Book

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Just in time for Brood X, here’s another cicada book for kids: Cicada Symphony by Lisa Kobman.

I haven’t read the book, so I cannot give my opinion. Lisa says she consulted with Gene Kritsky when writing the book.

Cicada Symphony

Here are some details from

This book is the perfect learning tool for teaching children about cicadas. It explains the complicated and fascinating life cycle of the 17-year cicada (Brood X) in a way a preschooler and elementary-aged child can understand and connect with. Children will be drawn in by the beautiful, vivid illustrations, humor, and compelling storyline. The rhyming language should help ease anxiety about these amazing bugs and could even inspire a sense of wonder and excitement about cicadas for children and adults alike. It is the perfect addition to your science/nature collection. Don’t be surprised if after reading this book, readers of all ages head outside to check out the cicadas!

May 10, 2021

The Cicada Olympics: Engaging Kids in Live Insect Activities

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Hey! There’s a new cicada book out for Kids. Looks fun. The Cicada Olympics: Engaging Kids in Live Insect Activities. by Cynthia ‘Cindy’ Smith, Ph.D. & Richard Grover. It is available on Kindle or Paperback.

Description of the book:

In 2021, a special kind of cicada will emerge – the Brood X. This is the first time these cicadas will dig out of the soil in 17 years! This book, by Cindy Smith, Ph.D. and Richard Groover, Ph.D., will equip you with age-appropriate information to make this a fun learning opportunity for your children. The authors have made the learning activities streamlined and easy to implement for individuals and groups. Within these pages, you’ll find: 13 fun cicada activities with instructions and materials list, parent and volunteer information, cicada jokes, pictures, and online resources

April 17, 2021

New Book: The Cicadas Are Coming!: Invasion of the Periodical Cicadas!

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A new photo-illustrated periodical cicada book for kids will be available on April 26th: The Cicadas Are Coming!: Invasion of the Periodical Cicadas! by Doug Wechsler. I haven’t see it yet, but it looks promising.

It’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Cicadas are Coming


When a million bugs come out of the ground at once, children pay attention. Periodical cicadas don’t disappoint. Almost every animal in the area fills its stomach. Then after a month the feast and the cacophony suddenly stops.

This book is about one of the oddest insect life cycles on the planet the periodical or 17-year cicada.

The beautiful photographs and engaging text bring to life every aspect of this insect’s life from a unique view of the eggs inside a twig, to its transformation to the noisiest insect around. Author Doug Wechsler, once again, brings the natural world into focus for children.

April 5, 2021

Buzzy and the Little Critters: A Curious Tale of a Cicada Invasion

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Got another kids book about cicadas:

Buzzy and the Little Critters: A Curious Tale of a Cicada Invasion by Kenton Hill. It’s on and other book stores.

It is a story about a boy, a girl, a grandpa (who is an entomologist), thousands of cicadas, and lots of other hungry critters. Along with the fun story (including an exciting dream scene) are several pages of scientific information in kid language to help them understand and appreciate these amazing insects.

Buzzy and the Little Critters: A Curious Tale of a Cicada Invasion

March 26, 2021

When the Woods Hum by Joanne Ryder

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When the Woods Hum by Joanne Ryder, illustrated by Catherine Stock, is recognized by cicada researchers as one of the most factually accurate childrens’ books about periodical cicadas. It’s hard to come by these days because it is out of print.

It’s worth hunting down for cicada book completists. Sometimes it appears on Amazon.

When the Woods Hum by Joanne Ryder illustrated by Catherine Stock

March 23, 2021

Cecily Cicada, a cicada book for kids

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There’s a new version of the book Cecily Cicada by Kita Helmetag Murdock & Patsy Helmetag for 2021. Some of you might remember the original version with the purple cover. Look for the mini-interview at the end of the article.

A delightful book, written by a mother/ daughter before the 17-year cicada emergence of 2004. They wrote it to ease the insect anxiety of their 3-year-old granddaughter/daughter when they learned the cicadas were coming. It tells the miraculous life of a special 17-year cicada named Cecily in an endearing way. Beautifully illustrated and fun. Patsy Helmetag has re-illustrated the original edition for a bright new look for the cicada emergence of 2021.

Cecily Cicada 2021 cover

Here is a Q & A with the authors of the book by Kita Helmetag Murdock & Patsy Helmetag:

Q: What inspired you to write a book about a cicada?

Kita: My mom and I originally wrote Cecily Cicada in 2004, when the Brood X cicadas were about to emerge in Washington, D.C. My then two-year-old daughter was terrified of all bugs, and I was terrified of how she would react when her world was suddenly full of them! We were driving to visit my sister in North Carolina that spring when we had the idea to write a book to ease her fears. Without anything to write on (and without smartphones – times have changed!), we started by writing the first lines in rhyme on the back of a cereal box. By the time we returned home from the trip, we knew we had a book that we wanted to share with all the kids who would be experiencing the cicadas that spring. My mom made the illustrations, and we put the book out into the world. We updated the book for the 2021 Brood X emergence.

Q: Has anyone approached you to make your book into an animated cartoon?

Kita: No, but we wish someone would! It would make a great animated short.

Q: What changes have you made for the 2021 edition of your book?

Patsy: I had so much time during covid that I decided to update all of the illustrations. The new version is brighter and more detailed. We also changed the male singing cicadas to a boy band, from a barbershop quartet, to make them more youthful.

Q: Have you written any other books?
Patsy: I have also written The TransAm Grannies Bicycle Across America and Slothy and Nomi. This past year, during quarantine, I illustrated and co-wrote Squeakestered with my 12-year-old granddaughter.

Kita: I have also written two middle-grade fiction books, Future Flash and Francie’s Fortune.

March 21, 2021

Periodical Cicadas: The Brood X Edition by Gene Kritsky

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Renowned cicada researcher Gene Kritsky, PhD., has a new book out: Periodical Cicadas: The Brood X Edition. It is available for Kindle and paperback on Now’s the time to get it.

Periodical Cicadas: The Brood X Edition

Gene is also has a new link for the Cicada Safari App.

March 10, 2018

Cicadas of New Zealand guidebook

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There’s a new guidebook out for the cicadas of New Zealand. The book was produced by 10-year-old Olly Hills — proof that there are few age barriers to scientific interest and research.

Website for the book.

Facebook page for the book.


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