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July 3, 2008

Video of Neotibicen tibicen tibicen

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Watch these videos of Tibicen tibicen tibicen cicadas, aka a Swamp Cicada, formerly Tibicen chloromera.

Tibicen tibicen video by Dan.

Note that the music in this 1996 video has nothing to due with cicadas. It’s just crappy science fiction movie music:

Tibicen tibicen – Tibicen chloromera.

November 25, 2007

Late cicada season in the U.S.

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Cicada Mania contributor Paul Krombholz heard a cicada just a few days ago.

On Nov. 21st the temperature got up to 80 and I heard a T. figuratus [formerly T. figurata] singing. This is by far the latest cicada song I have heard in the Jackson, MS and surrounding area. We have already had several frosts. Usually I hear the last song the first week of November.

Cicadas in late November in the U.S.A. — that’s remarkable.

September 23, 2007

Cicada Slowdown

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It’s September in the USA. The cicadas are done singing in my state (Jersey), and most of the USA. More fun next year for sure.

Thanks to Jaime for this pic of two cicadas mating:

cicada mating

August 29, 2007

Another Tibicen ID Request

Filed under: Tibicen — Dan @ 2:37 pm

This one I can’t figure out, mostly because it’s well dead. Sheri T. took the photo.

The yellow eyes might be due to its postmortem condition, but they do make the specimen interesting.

Mystery Tibicen

August 25, 2007

ID the Tibicen

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Brian Baldwin sent over some cicada photos for an ID. Here’s my guesses (below). If you have a more accurate guess, post it in the Comments.

Megatibicen dorsatus (formerly T. dorsata):

Megatibicen dorsatus by Brian Baldwin

At first I thought T. walkeri, but now I’m leaning towards Brain’s guess of N. superbus. This would be the first superbus with a brown mesonotum that I’ve ever seen.:

Brian Baldwin's Neotibicen superbus

Megatibicen dealbatus (formerly dealbata):

Megatibicen dealbatus by Brian Baldwin

August 17, 2007


Filed under: Neotibicen | Tibicen — Dan @ 5:35 pm

I snagged a couple of Tibicen today.

A colorful Tibicen tibicen (T. chloromerus, T. chloromera):

Neotibicen tibicen

and a, um… lyricen, maybe (I’ve never seen one quite like this):

Neotibicen lyricen

They were still moving a little when I took the photos.

August 12, 2007

Uninvited House Guest

Filed under: Tibicen — Dan @ 2:49 pm

Tom Lehmkuhl send us this photo of an uninvited house guest (Tibicen linnei):

Last night at about 9:30 PM I opened our back door to let our dog out and
thought I felt something brush against my leg while the door was open. Next
think I know my wife is screaming in the living room as a cicada is bombing
around the room like a drunk pilot! It’s amazing how big a cicada looks
when it is flying indoors, bouncing off of your walls, wings buzzing…

After several passes within a few inches of my wife’s head, he (she?) came
to rest on our kitchen floor. Carefully using a small glass and a post card
I was able to capture the cicada and set it free. The next morning he was
right where I left him the night before, sitting on our porch, so it seemed
like a good opportunity to snap a photo. See attached…

Tibicen linnei

Megatibicen pronotalis walkeri from Davenport, Iowa

Filed under: Megatibicen | Tibicen — Tags: — Dan @ 1:28 pm

Ben sent us these photos of a Megatibicen pronotalis walkeri (Walker’s Cicada) taken in Davenport, Iowa.

Iowa Tibicen

Iowa Tibicen

Note: the genus of this cicada has changed since 2007 (when this was originally posted) from Tibicen to Megatibicen.

August 7, 2007

Michigan Tibicen

Filed under: Tibicen — Dan @ 4:57 am

Anyone want to try to guess at the species of this Tibicen? The photo was taken by Don in Michigan. My guess is T. davisi, but I’m almost just as sure that I’m wrong.

Michigan Tibicen

November 12, 2006

Side views of N. pruinosus and M. figuratus

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Tibicen season is officially over in central Mississippi. Here’s some great side view photos from Paul Krombholz.

Neotibicen pruinosus pruinosus (Say, 1825):
N. pruinosus

Megatibicen figuratus (Walker, 1858):
M. figurata

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