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August 12, 2007

Uninvited House Guest

Filed under: Tibicen — Dan @ 2:49 pm

Tom Lehmkuhl send us this photo of an uninvited house guest (Tibicen linnei):

Last night at about 9:30 PM I opened our back door to let our dog out and
thought I felt something brush against my leg while the door was open. Next
think I know my wife is screaming in the living room as a cicada is bombing
around the room like a drunk pilot! It’s amazing how big a cicada looks
when it is flying indoors, bouncing off of your walls, wings buzzing…

After several passes within a few inches of my wife’s head, he (she?) came
to rest on our kitchen floor. Carefully using a small glass and a post card
I was able to capture the cicada and set it free. The next morning he was
right where I left him the night before, sitting on our porch, so it seemed
like a good opportunity to snap a photo. See attached…

Tibicen linnei


  1. Iván says:

    It is a precious photo! that peculiar which a man of Tibicen cicada goes towards the house attracted by the artificial light, I always have seen females of Tibicen flying around the lampposts of the street in nights in which long ago heat even singing the men during the night next to the lights! but never I have seen east behavior in men, I am glad that you have released it after photographing it.


  2. Sheri Tuskey says:

    Thats a nice picture of the cicada. I think it was a male and if it was buzzing it was a male for sure because only the males make the buzzing sound. I seen one on the sidewalk dying and checked it out because i had been wanting to see one. And then later that night i seen two on the street mating and i took a picture. And then the next day i seen one crossing my street and it was a female and i took it home and took 7 pictures of it. I had liked the 17 year cicadas and so it was fun to see this other breed and i wasnt afraid to touch it just like i picked up the 17 year cicadas 70 times. I took a picture of the tibicen on my hand to show my family that i am not afraid of them. I use to think they were big and gross but i now think they are pretty cute . But i dont know if i will see anymore unless i see one crossing the street again. I think the tibicens are shyer and more hesitant but it was neat to compare the cicada to the 17 year ones and they are alot alike. Sheri Tuskey

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