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August 25, 2007

ID the Tibicen

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Brian Baldwin sent over some cicada photos for an ID. Here’s my guesses (below). If you have a more accurate guess, post it in the Comments.

Megatibicen dorsatus (formerly T. dorsata):

Megatibicen dorsatus by Brian Baldwin

At first I thought T. walkeri, but now I’m leaning towards Brain’s guess of N. superbus. This would be the first superbus with a brown mesonotum that I’ve ever seen.:

Brian Baldwin's Neotibicen superbus

Megatibicen dealbatus (formerly dealbata):

Megatibicen dealbatus by Brian Baldwin


  1. rithy says:

    I saw a large black and white Cicada in Washington DC. Ive never seen one like that here before. -Rit

  2. Allen Sanborn says:

    The top animal is Tibicen dorsatus (Say, 1825). The middle animal is Tibicen superbus (Fitch, 1855). The green coloration of cicadas often fades to brown after death. The bottom animal is Tibicen dealbatus (Davis, 1915).

  3. Maven says:

    #2 sure looks like superba. I have a photo of a brown specimen collected this season in my photo folder in Entomology-Cicadidae at yahoogroups. Unusual, but not unheard of.

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