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April 9, 2020

Neotibicen pruinosus pruinosus (Say, 1825) aka Scissor(s) Grinder

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Neotibicen pruinosus pruinosus (Say, 1825) aka Scissor(s) Grinder.

N. pruinosusPhoto by Paul Krombholz.

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There’s another sub-species of pruinosus called Neotibicen pruinosus fulvus, that is lighter in coloring. N. linnei, N. winnemanna, and N latifasciatus closely resemble N. pruinosus.

Song type: Call

“z-zape, z-zape, z-zape”

Source: ©Insect Singers.

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Name, Location and Description

Notes on the song of pruinosus by Wm. T. Davis:1

The song of pruinosa is quite unlike that of any of the other large native cicadas, and may be rendered as z-zape, z-zape, z-zape. The insect often remains quiet all day, singing from about 3 or 4 P. M. until dark.

Identification Key by Wm. T. Davis:1

A. Large, heavy bodied species ; head broad, uncus simple, and first cross vein in the fore wings starting from radius 3 far back, or about one third distant from base of first marginal cell.

B. Uncus longer than broad. Black species with green or greenish markings and black area on the central part of the abdomen beneath

C. Hind margin of pronotum or collar, green or greenish.

A narrow irregular area of black on the under side of the abdomen; opercula short and broad, and usually in the males an attenuated, pruinose stripe each side on the dorsum of segment three.


Family: Cicadidae
Subfamily: Cicadinae
Tribe: Cryptotympanini
Subtribe: Cryptotympanina
Genus: Neotibicen
Species: Neotibicen tibicen
Sub-species: Neotibicen pruinosus fulvus Beamer, 1924
Sub-species: Neotibicen pruinosus pruinosus (Say, 1825)

List of sources

  1. Davis, W.T. 1918. Mississippi Cicadas, with a Key to the Species of the Southeastern United States. Journal of The New York Entomological Society. Vol. XXVI. Read on
  2. Full Binomial Names:
  3. Common names:; The Songs of Insects by Lang Elliott and Wil Herschberger; personal memory.
  4. Locations: Biogeography of the Cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) of North America, North of Mexico by Allen F. Sanborn and Polly K. Phillips.
  5. Descriptions, Colors: personal observations from specimens or photos from many sources. Descriptions are not perfect, but may be helpful.


  • Some descriptions are based on aged specimens which have lost some or a lot of their color.

March 24, 2020

More Green Neotibicen

These are “Green Neotibicen” from Bill Reynolds’ collection. The “Green Neotibicen” include the very visually similar N. linnei, N. pruinosus, N. winnemanna and N.canicularis.

This row includes Neotibicen pruinosus fulvus — the rare yellow version of Neotibicen pruinosus.
green tibicen #2 from Bill Reynolds collection

green tibicen #1 from Bill Reynolds collection

A pair of Neotibicen pruinosus

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A pair of Neotibicen pruinosus aka Scissor Grinder from the collection of Richard Newfrock.

Neotibicen pruinosis by Richard Newfrock

March 15, 2020

Various Megatibicen and Neotibicen compared

This image was created by Paul Krombholz back when Megatibicen and Neotibicen were just Tibicen.

Tibicen composite by Paul Krombholz

Top row, left to right:
Neotibicen davisi (formerly Tibicen davisi)
Megatibicen auletes (formerly Tibicen auletes)
Megatibicen figuratus (formerly Tibicen figurata)
Megatibicen pronotalis (formerly Tibicen marginalis)

Bottom row, left to right:
Neotibicen tibicen tibicen (formerly Tibicen chloromera)
Neotibicen pruinosus (formerly Tibicen pruinosa)
Neotibicen lyricen (formerly Tibicen lyricen)

March 7, 2020

Teneral Neotibicen photos by Roy Troutman

Two Teneral Neotibicen photos by Roy Troutman. Teneral means soft. These cicadas have recently molted so their bodies are soft. The photos were taken in 2004, probably in Ohio.

This one looks like a Neotibicen tibicen tibicen:

Teneral Neotibicen

This one looks like a Neotibicen linnei or pruinosus.

This one looks like a Neotibicen linnei or pruinosus.

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