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August 29, 2007

Another Tibicen ID Request

Filed under: Tibicen — Dan @ 2:37 pm

This one I can’t figure out, mostly because it’s well dead. Sheri T. took the photo.

The yellow eyes might be due to its postmortem condition, but they do make the specimen interesting.

Mystery Tibicen


  1. Bob Jacobson says:

    It looks like T. pruinosa to me; this species seems to have the small white patches at the sides about halfway along the
    length of the abdomen.

  2. Sheri Tuskey says:

    Hello, i am the one who took the picture of the cicada with the yellow eyes and the cicada was found in one of the chicago suburbs. Normally we get these big cicadas every year that have are green with the greenish eyes and body but this was the first time me and some family members have seen the one pictured with the yellow eyes. Now they do change color when they are dead but this one had really pure yellow eyes making we wonder if it is a rare one. I dont know what the southern states get but like i said we get these every year in Illinois. Now the 17 year cicadas that come every 17 years are smaller and we just had the 17 year cicadas in Illinois this summer for a few months and so when you said your grandparents saved you some cicadas that were little it looks like they saved you some of the 17 year cicadas and those have red eyes when they are alive. Not to mention they are cute when you watch them. Sheri Tuskey

  3. Alyssa Craig says:

    Where did you find these? I live in GA and I saw this like oversized
    cicada bug thing! Do they come out in the southern states? Because my
    grandparents live in IL and they just had the cicadas and they saved me
    some and mine are little!

  4. Paul Krombholz says:

    Seems closest to T. lyricen, (but not comfortably close)

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