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January 13, 2013

New Zealand cicada season

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It’s summer in New Zealand, and summer brings cicadas.

Here is a nice article about the cicada Sounds of a Kiwi summer:

The whirring and buzzing song of the cicada is a familiar soundtrack to many New Zealanders in the heat of summer – but just what do we really know about this rowdy insect?

We have around 40 species of cicada in New Zealand, and probably the most familiar to us is the clapping cicada, which is actually two very closely related species that form the basis of our summer soundtrack in much of the country.

Here is a gallery of New Zealand Cicadas.

Here is a list of New Zealand cicada links to help you identify cicadas in New Zealand.

September 5, 2010

Cicada Alphabet: K

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K is for Dr. Kritsky, specifically Dr. Gene Kritsky of the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Dr. Kritsky is one of the premier Magicicada experts and advocates; if you’re a cicada fan you must attend one of his lectures and buy one of his books. A few years ago Gene provided Cicada Mania with an interview.

Kikihia, one of the two major Genus of cicadas in New Zealand. David Marshall says: “The name Kikihia is derived from the Maori word for cicada, as is the name of the town Kihikihi, in New Zealand. You’ll love their public cicada statue. See this web page:“.

The Kobonga is a Genus of cicadae that exists in eastern Australia. Thanks to David Marshall and Kathy Hill of for these wonderful photos of a Kobonga species currently nicknamed the Xmas Clanger (species name pending).

Kobonga Xmas Clanger

Kobonga Xmas Clanger

February 2, 2009

Happy Waitangi Day (February 6th)

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Waitangi Day is February 6th — a good excuse to post some New Zealand cicada links.

  1. New Zealand Cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae): A virtual identification guide ( A wonderful web site. Includes a visual identification guide, checklist, and image gallery. Photos of dozens of species.
  2. Suzy’s World Cicada page ( Fun, kid-friendly presentation of cicada information.
  3. An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand ( Three paragraphs of information.
  4. Introducing cicadas ( Photos, sounds and 4 paragraphs of information.
  5. New Zealand cicadas (
    Large photos of Kikihia and Amphipsalta.
  6. Mating pairs of cicadas and Cicada adults ( Photos of Amphipsalta cingulata, Kikihia horologium, Notopsalta sericea, Amphipsalta.
  7. Cicada Central: New Zealand ( Cicada Central’s New Zealand cicada pages.

April 5, 2005

Cicada Photos and Art

Awesome Cicada photos from New Zealand: Steve Reekie is a great
nature photographer. Take a look at some of his cicada photos: Gone But Not Forgotten, Chorus Cicada, Cicada Nymph, and Little Grass Cicada.

Cicada Art: Look at this cool electric cicada art titled Electri[c]icada by drp. Thanks to Flying Fur (a blog about bats) for the link.