Dedicated to cicadas, the most amazing insects in the world.

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Cicada Song page

Most of the cicada sounds on this page are of North American species. See the links at the end of the page for International species.

Magicicada Songs

Magicicada is the type of periodical cicada (aka 17 year cicadas).

Various Magicicada species chorusing in Princeton (2004)

An MP3 sound file of the emergence in Princeton (1.5MB, MP3). Free to download and enjoy.

Magicicada septendecim songs

Magicicada septendecim court I call brood II 2013 Metuchen NJ:

Magicicada septendecim Court II and III:

Magicicada septendecim Court III call:

Magicicada septendecim in distress:

More: Chorus, Calling and Courting songs of M. septendecim

Magicicada cassini songs

Magicicada cassini chorus 2013 Brood II:

Magicicada cassini Court II and III NY Brood II 2013:

Magicicada cassini in distress:

M. cassini calling by Joe Green:

More: Chorus, Calling and 3 Courting songs of M. cassini

Magicicada septendecula songs

M. tredecula (Ohio 2014):

M. septendecula by Joe Green:

More: Chorus, Calling and 3 Courting songs of M. septendecula.

Tibicen Songs

Tibicen tibicen (chloromera)

Tibicen resonans

T. resonans calling by Joe Green:

Neocicada Songs

Neocicada hieroglyphica

Neocicada hieroglyphica singing by Joe Green:

N. hieroglyphica calling by Joe Green:

Diceroprocta Songs

Diceroprocta olympusa

D. olympusa pre ticks before calling by Joe Green:

Diceroprocta viridifascia

D. viridifascia calling by Joe Green:

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