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April 1, 2020

Cicada Songs, Audio, Sounds, NoIsE

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Periodical cicada song samples:

M. cassini Call. M. tredecassini sounds similar. Recorded in the USA by Joe Green.

M. septendecim Call. M. neotredecim sounds similar. Recorded in New Jersey, Brood II (2013) by Dan Mozgai.

M. septendecula Call. M. tredecula sounds similar. Recorded in USA by Joe Green.

M. tredecassini Call. M. cassini sounds similar. Recorded in Illinois, Brood XXIII (2015) by Dan Mozgai.

M. tredecula Call. M. septendecula sounds similar. Recorded in Ohio, Brood XXII (2013) by Roy Troutman.

Magicicada Chorus. Recorded in New Jersey, Brood X (2004) by Dan Mozgai.

Select North American Annual Cicada Species

D. olympusa Chorus. Recorded in Florida by Joe Green.

D. viridifascia Call. Recorded in Florida by Joe Green.

M. resonans Call. Recorded in Florida by Joe Green.

N. hieroglyphica hieroglyphica Call. Recorded in Florida by Joe Green.

N. tibicen tibicen Call. Recorded in New Jersey by Dan Mozgai.

Cicada pages that feature cicada calls (50+):

Cicada Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Beameria venosa aka Aridland Cicada May Jun Jul Aug
Beameria wheeleri May Jun Jul
Cacama valvata aka Common Cactus Dodger May Jun
Cicadettana calliope calliope aka Southern Grass Cicada Jun Jul Aug
Cicadettana camerona May Jun
Cicadettana kansa May Jun
Cicadettana texana May Jun
Clidophleps vagans Jun
Cornuplura nigroalbata
Cornuplura rudis May Jun Jul
Diceroprocta apache aka Citrus Cicada Jun Jul Aug Sep
Diceroprocta arizona
Diceroprocta aurantiaca Jun
Diceroprocta averyi
Diceroprocta azteca aka Scrub Cicada Jul Aug
Diceroprocta bequaerti
Diceroprocta biconica
Diceroprocta bicosta
Diceroprocta crucifera
Diceroprocta eugraphica Jun Jul
Diceroprocta knighti Jun Jul
Diceroprocta marevagans Jul Aug Sep
Diceroprocta olympusa aka Olympic Scrub Cicada Jun Jul
Diceroprocta ornea
Diceroprocta psophis
Diceroprocta ruatana
Diceroprocta semicincta Jun Jul
Diceroprocta swalei swalei Jun
Diceroprocta texana Jun Jul Aug
Diceroprocta vitripennis aka Green Winged Cicada Jun Jul Aug
Hadoa bifida May Jun Jul
Hadoa chiricahua May Jun Jul Aug
Hadoa duryi May Jun Jul Aug
Hadoa inaudita Jun Jul Aug
Hadoa longiopercula
Hadoa parallela Jul Aug Sep
Hadoa simplex May Jun
Hadoa texana Jun Jul Aug Sep
Hadoa townsendii May Jun
Magicicada cassinii aka Cassini 17-Year Cicada May Jun
Magicicada neotredecim May Jun
Magicicada septendecim aka Linnaeus’s 17-Year Cicada May Jun
Magicicada septendecula May Jun
Magicicada tredecassini May Jun
Magicicada tredecim May Jun
Magicicada tredecula May Jun
Megatibicen auletes aka Northern Dusk Singing Cicada Jul Aug Sep Oct
Megatibicen cultriformis aka Grand Western Flood Plain Cicada Aug Sep Oct
Megatibicen dealbatus aka Plains Cicada Jul Aug Sep
Megatibicen dorsatus aka Giant Grassland Cicada Jul Aug Sep
Megatibicen figuratus aka Fall Southeastern Dusk-singing Cicada Aug Sep Oct
Megatibicen harenosus Aug Sep
Megatibicen pronotalis pronotalis Aug Sep Oct
Megatibicen pronotalis walkeri aka Walker’s Cicada Aug Sep Oct
Megatibicen resh aka Resh Cicada Jul Aug Sep
Megatibicen resonans aka Southern Resonant Cicada Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Megatibicen tremulus aka Cole’s Bush Cicada Jun Jul Aug Sep
Neocicada chisos Apr May
Neocicada hieroglyphica aka Hieroglyphic Cicada May Jun Jul Aug
Neocicada hieroglyphica johannis May Jun Jul
Neoplatypedia constricta May Jun Jul
Neotibicen auriferus aka Plains Dog-day Cicada Aug Sep
Neotibicen canicularis aka Dog-day Cicada Jul Aug Sep
Neotibicen davisi aka Davis’ Southeastern Dog-Day Cicada Aug Sep Oct
Neotibicen latifasciatus aka Coastal Scissors Grinder Cicada Jul Aug Sep Oct
Neotibicen linnei aka Linne’s Cicada Jul Aug Sep
Neotibicen lyricen engelhardti aka Dark Lyric Cicada Jul Aug Sep
Neotibicen lyricen lyricen aka Lyric Cicada Jun Jul Aug
Neotibicen lyricen virescens aka Costal Lyric Cicada Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Neotibicen pruinosus pruinosus aka Scissors Grinder Jul Aug Sep Oct
Neotibicen robinsonianus aka Robinson’s Cicada Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Neotibicen similaris apalachicola Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Neotibicen similaris similaris aka Similar Dog-Day Cicada Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Neotibicen superbus aka Superb Dog-Day Cicada Jun Jul Aug
Neotibicen tibicen australis aka Southern Swamp Cicada Jun Jul Aug Sep
Neotibicen tibicen tibicen aka Morning Cicada Jun Jul Aug Sep
Neotibicen winnemanna aka Eastern Scissors Grinder Jun Jul Aug
Okanagana balli Jun Jul
Okanagana bella aka Mountain Cicada Jun Jul
Okanagana canadensis aka Canadian Cicada Jun Jul
Okanagana fumipennis May Jun Jul
Okanagana hesperia Jun Jul
Okanagana rimosa rimosa aka Say’s Cicada May Jun Jul
Okanagana synodica synodica aka Walking Cicada Jun Jul
Okanagana utahensis May Jun Jul
Okanagana vanduzeei Jun Jul
Okanagana viridis aka Cotton Green Cicada Jun Jul
Pacarina puella aka Little Mesquite Cicada May Jun Jul
Platypedia putnami putnami May Jun Jul
Platypedia similis Apr May

Cicada Sound FAQs:

Websites that feature cicadas outside of North America:

Websites that feature North American Cicada Calls:


  1. Shane says:

    Shane & Rosie still love cicadas four years later! 🙂

  2. zack says:

    what might be some of the advantages and disadvantages of the double emergence of periodical cicadas in the spring of 2024 for people who live in the region? Give examples.

    1. Dan says:

      There’s no advantage or disadvantage. The 2 broods do not overlap, so having 2 of them in the same year is essentially the same as one.
      For people, grifters will be able to sell more cicada t-shirts.

  3. Wanda B says:

    Is there someone I can send a cicada sound recording to. I in Texas and have recorded cicadas making a loud pulsating metallic noise. Can’t seem to find any similar sound on the net

    1. Dan says:

      1) Try uploading it to iNaturalist. There are 100’s of people can help you.
      2) There is
      3) You can email something to me @

  4. Neil L. says:

    Hi, i’m reporting another oddball occurrence… This past Wed (June 7), i heard what sounded like a single, maybe two Cassini up in a tree. Location was in Busse Woods (in Elk Grove Village, IL), in the vicinity of North Grove #2. It’s been a warm, but not excessively hot, very dry spring (at least since late April)…. Our next big emergence is scheduled for 2024…so is this an early bird, or a straggler from our minor emergence in 2020? Who knows!!

    1. Dan says:

      @Neil, yes that would be a 1-year straggler/precursor, emerging a year early. Brood XIII.

  5. Reagan says:

    The mania is real

  6. Frank M. says:

    Lover of Cicadas. I make music. Can the audios be downloaded? any Issues? Thanks in advance

  7. cryptotympana yaeyamana says:


  8. LionelOMercy says:

    I heard cicada, wonderful experience

  9. Neil L. says:

    Hi, i live in the north Chicago Suburbs. Several evenings ago, i saw a cicada shell next to my house. I thought it’s a real early annual cicada (they usually come out in early July around here), OR, it’s an oddball 17 year cicada (they come out in May…’s been pretty hot and dry in Northern ILL this Spring, so the soil is likely much warmer than in a typical May, therefore if it was an oddball, it actually came out quite late)…. At any rate, while walking the dog, yep, i heard it in some low trees about a block from my house! I can’t know if the shell belonged to that cicada, but it confirmed they’re out there this year…. As you may recall, there was a fairly decent emergence in the Chicago area last year…4 years early.

    I’m going to keep my eyes and ears open for more oddball sightings and i’ll let you know.

  10. Lewis Smith says:

    Heard Cicada’s for the first time last night, May 28th Somerset, Mass.

  11. Laura Todd says:

    I’m in Montgomery County Eastern PA…next to the Schuylkill River near Phoenixville. We are not known to have Brood X here (although historically they may have been in Valley Forge Park across the river). The closest possible locations for a large emergence of Brood X would be at Green Lane Park, which I visited yesterday. Well today while kayaking on the Canal I swear I heard the calls of individual Cassini Cicadas! Is it possible, that a few of them could just be blending in and surviving?

  12. con says:

    I LOVE CICDADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. jonhasbugs says:

    i love bug thanks

  14. Gregor Mendel says:

    Cicada fam 4 lyfe brothaaaaaaa 😛

  15. michael says:


  16. Rosie says:

    i love cicadas! 🙂

  17. Mira says:

    Fantastic sounds! Thanks so much for sharing them.

  18. david Emery says:

    you have plenty of sound grabs of USA cicadas on iNaturalist Dan

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