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May 9, 2011

Look out for Magicicadas with white eyes

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Most of the periodical cicadas you’ll see have red or reddish-orange eyes. A very small number, however, have white, blue, or yellow eyes. Some even have amazing multi-colored eyes. Have you seen any white eyed periodical cicadas yet? Be on the lookout for them, and make sure you take a photo or video when you see one. Have a contest with your friends and family to see who can find the first white or blue-eyed cicada. If you have a TV station, radio show or a local website, you could have a contest for who can find the first white eyed cicada. I personally have only found one white eyed cicada (video below), so I have to guess that the odds are at least one in 10,000.

Here’s a photo of a white eyed Magicicada cicada Roy Troutman found back in 2004:

Photo of a Magicicada cicada with white eyes by Roy Troutman.

Roy took a photo of a blue-eyed cicada, and I made a t-shirt from the image (I use the mug version for my morning coffee).

This is a video of white eyed cicada I recorded back in 2007:

White eyed Magicicada by Dan from Cicada Mania on Vimeo.

All photos of periodical cicadas with different color eyes.


  1. James says:

    I found one tonite. Indiana. Still got white eyes.

  2. Jennifer Fidler says:

    I found one but it was freaky as fluff so I killed it

  3. Victoria says:


  4. Samantha says:

    I just saw my first white-eyed cicada tonight and even got a few good pictures! I’m in Nashville, TN and have been enjoying the emergence of Brood XIX the past few days. I would love to submit the photos to you if you want them, but it will have to wait until tomorrow, as I am typing this from my iPhone currently and about to go to bed. I also snapped lots of photos of standard red-eyed cicadas in various stages of shedding their skin.

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