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June 18, 2008

Close up photos of marble-colored cicada eyes

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High-res versions of Roy Troutman’s marble-eyed cicada photos. Fascinating. You can see a color variation in all 5 eyes!

Upclose on Marble eyed 17 year cicada

Close up of marble eyed cicada


  1. Fish M. & Aquaculture says:

    In Cincinnati last time the 17 year broods hatched we were ground zero. 3-4 waves of hatches. Five seconds outside and your ears would ring for an hour. No where lese around the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana tri state area could you see so many cicadas. Many unique colorations and blue/white/brown/multi-colored eyes. Lots of hatches leaving them white with white eyes slowing gaining coloration at night. This year I’ve only seen ONE white cicada and the hatches take place during the day. I dig for red worms here so I started seeing lots of off white grubs in the ground around late Feb. Then a month ago larger ones with dark coloration inside that moved very fast when exposed to light. You guys were so close to were I live. Thursday night a few cases were on the trees in my yard. Friday from 10:00AM-4:00PM they were crawling and hatching on long grass blades, trees anything that they could climb and hatching blackish with red eyes fully grown in some cases. A block around where my folks live the conditions are perfect. This brood had hatched/climbed/mated and now ? in less than four days! The rain has slowed them down and people mowing their yards. Soil conditions are very strange and I’m at the bottom of a hill 360 degrees so the soil is well drained and moist. Holding a near constant deperature while allowing them to borrow deep if it’s too cold. E-mail me and I’ll give you the GPS coordinates. We had another hatch today and I suspect will when the sun returns.

    1. Dan says:

      You can enter the coordinates here

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