Cicada Mania

Dedicated to cicadas, the most amazing insects in the world.

June 27, 2007

The final winner in the blue eyed cicada contest

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Michael Jimms sent us this photo of a blue eyed Magicicada:

blue eyed cicada

Michael won the last button in the blue/white/gray eyed cicada category.

Congratulations to all the winners. There are still prizes left in the contest: for Multi Colored Eyed cicadas, and for an emerging nymph with white eyes. Good luck.

June 25, 2007

2 more cicada contest winners

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A creamy white eyed cicada from Morton Grove by Judy Thorpe:

White eyed cicada


A true-blue eyed cicada from Western Springs by Matt Weiss:

Blue eyed cicada

June 21, 2007

Another Blue/White Eye Contest Winner

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Here’s a white eyed cicada from Grayson Martin.

White Eyed cicada

June 19, 2007

Emergence Update for 6/19/2007

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We got our first IOWA sighting!


  1. When will they be gone??? About 2 weeks after the last one emerges. By the time Independence day rolls around, most places will be “liberated” from them.
  2. What’s that smell??? Like any rotting animal, cicadas emit a funky stank after they die. I think they smell like old bacon grease, other’s say Limburger cheese, wet dog…
  3. I haven’t seen any cicadas yet, does that mean I won’t see/hear any? Probably; time to get in the car and go to them.


  • Cedar River near Atalissa, Iowa
  • Lombard and Elmhurst are “cicada heaven”
  • At Lake Geneva at Aurora University the Cicada were EVERYWHERE
  • Singing in Wheaton
  • Palos Heights is crawling with these things.
  • All over the place in Wheeling, IL
  • EVERYWHERE in Schiller Park
  • Big Foot Beach State Park (southern Wisconsin next to Lake Geneva)
  • Aurora,IL

More Blue Eyed Cicada Contest Winners

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This entry was submitted by Elias Bonaros and Barbara Rzeszutek, taken in Deerfield, IL:

Elias Bonaros and Barbara Rzeszutek, taken in Deerfield, IL

This entry was submitted by Chris Owen, taken at Lemon Lake County Park in Cedar lake, IN:

blue eyed cicadas

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