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June 19, 2007

More Blue Eyed Cicada Contest Winners

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This entry was submitted by Elias Bonaros and Barbara Rzeszutek, taken in Deerfield, IL:

Elias Bonaros and Barbara Rzeszutek, taken in Deerfield, IL

This entry was submitted by Chris Owen, taken at Lemon Lake County Park in Cedar lake, IN:

blue eyed cicadas


  1. Susan Will says:

    Thanks so much for the info. Have a great cicada season (wish I could experience it)!

  2. Susan Will says:

    Although I am now 60 and living in Alaska, as a kid in Bismarck, ND, I remember cicadas well. My father always said there were yearly, 7-year, and 15-year hatches. We loved the sound (even though it drove you crazy some nights) because it meant August and they were soo cool. When I went to Provence in 1996 I was impressed to find the cicadas were an important symbol for the area and I bought (and still wear) one of the pins of a cicada that were traditional jewelry. Are there still cicadas in ND? Did they migrate west with the trees planted in the small western towns or were they always around in the river bottoms where there were burr oaks and cottonwoods? Has the flooding along the Missouri affected them? Do you know where I can find answers to these questions? I still think they are cool and find this current media attention very interesting. Thanks.

    1. Dan says:

      There are 7 species of cicadas in ND, all of which are annual cicadas. T. canicularis, T. dealbatus, T. pronotalis, O. balli, O. luteobasalis, O. rimosa rimosa and O. synodica synodica. Flooding can effect them if the flood waters don’t recede soon enough. Cicadas can build water-resistant tunnels, but they only hold out for so long.

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