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June 15, 2007

Exuvia mania

Filed under: Brood XIII | Exuvia | Magicicada — Dan @ 9:56 pm

Joe Balynas sent us this picture of a mass of cicada exuvia (aka shells, skins, crisps). Make sure you click the image for the awesome larger version.


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  1. Kim says:

    I wouldn’t count out on them. I thought we weren’t going to get any in our area (except for the forest preserve just down the street)
    but they seem to have really come out the last few days in more residential areas. My tree went from one or two yesterday to
    HUNDREDS today. I don’t know if it’s a combo of them emerging “late” and coming over from the forest preserve or if they are all
    from under these trees. But, they’re here, and they are all over! Wheeling, IL by the way.

  2. Debb says:

    I guess that DeKalb will be skipped this time around…Maybe next time…2024.

  3. That’s so going to be my desktop background.

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Cicada T-shirts