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October 11, 2005

Cicada Larvae Pictures

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So, what do cicada larvae look like? Technically they’re called nymphs, not larvae. When cicadas progress from one stage of development to another, they molt, rather than pupate. Each stage of development is called an instar. Most, if not all, cicadas go through five instars. The adult phase is the fifth instar.

First, here’s what their eggs look like:

Eggs and 1st Instar Nymphs

When the eggs hatch, the cicadas don’t look like a grub or maggot as you might expect; instead they look like tiny termites or ants, with 6 legs and antennae. At this point they’re called first instar nymphs.

Here’s some first instar cicadas:

Magicicada first instar nymphs

Here is a first and second instar cicada in the soil:


Here is a first, second, third and fourth instar:

Cicada Nymphs

If you are interested in participating in cicada nymph research, visit The Simon Lab Nymph Tracking Project page for more information. You must have had periodical cicadas on your property in past 13 or 17 years to find the nymphs — not including the Brood II area, since those nymphs came out of the ground this year.


  1. Great site! However, I’m looking for simple illustrations I can give to kids to color. I have a good info sheet but
    I thought a coloring page (especially for the young ones) might make them seem a little more familiar.

    Comment by Zoe — May 5, 2007 @ 5:35 am

  2. I posted a PDF on the homepage which can be used for coloring.

    Comment by Dan — May 5, 2007 @ 4:23 pm

  3. hi! i love this site! cicadas fascinate me, but i thought i was the only one!! thank you!!!

    Comment by G.G. — September 10, 2009 @ 1:25 pm

  4. [...] Larvae. Cicadas larvae do not look like a grubs or maggots as you might expect; instead they look like tiny termites or ants, with 6 legs and antennae. View a video of a cicada larva. [...]

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