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September 5, 2005

Mystery Cicada 2 is a Neotibicen dorsatus

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Mystery 2 Bill from Lincoln, Nebraska sent us this awesome photo of a cicada. I’ve never seen a cicada quite like this one. It’s as pretty as a butterfly. My guess is it belongs to the genus Diceroprocta, but I don’t know what species it is. Anyone know? If so, leave your guess in the comments section below.

Tim McNary wrote:

The cicada you pictured is either Tibicen dealbatus or Tibicen dorsatus. It’s kind of hard to tell from a picture. If you found it in trees in town, it is probably T. dealbatus. If you found in grassy sandhills and the pronotum in swollen in profile it is probably T. dorsatus. The characture that Davis uses, the shape of the uncus, is actually unreliable.

David and Gerry said it was a Tibicen dorsatus (formerly T. dorsata).


  1. Greg Rummo says:

    I travel frequently to Kansas City on business and I always stay at the Airport
    Marriott. The hotel grounds are spacious, including a large “lake” and an outdoor
    track that meanders through stands of oak trees if memory serves me correctly. This
    August as in past years, the trees were filled with what must be these same, annual
    cicadas. Their song is nothing like the annual cicadas here in New Jersey which
    have a definite beginning and end to them; like an old car trying to start, getting louder
    and louder and then finally giving up. These cicadas in southern Missouri keep
    a lazy, steady buzz going with perhaps a long wavelength of variableness in the song.
    And they all seem to “sing” at once. When you approach them on a tree, they get spooked.

  2. Vince Matson says:

    this is a pretty bug!

  3. Gerry says:

    I agree with number 1 and number 2 for what it is worth. This is known as the “Prairie Cicada”
    Tibicen dorsatus. Here is a good reference link for you:

  4. Val Ann C says:

    It’s really pretty!

  5. David says:

    Try Tibicen dorsatus for this one- good picture in “Cicadas of Colorado” by Boris Kondratieff.

  6. david says:

    This beauty is Tibicen dorsatus or T.dealbatus (was it from Colorado?)

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