Cicada Mania

Dedicated to cicadas, the most amazing insects in the world.

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August 28, 2005

A Cicada Poem from David Granville

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Cicada Songs (for “Cicada Mania”)

They say your songs
portend the end of summer
just as chirping robins
usher in the spring air.

Listen to the sound
whirring, buzzing through
leaves of trees that shelter
the thrumming brood.

Insect monks chant
hymns of nature
for us and for
their silent females: “mate her.”

More musical than electric currents
that hum along power lines,
your symphony hovers,
guarding the sultry night like armored palatines.

Constant and pervasive,
we humans sometimes hear
sometimes ban your frequencies,
lulled to sleep by drums so dear.

Air conditioners and headphones
drown out your beautiful noise
but others sing with you
till Fall’s frost steals these little joys.



  1. alpana says:

    written so beautifully and so with sensitivity towards a creature that shies from us yet his song pierces the nights sometimes…

  2. Alexza says:

    That is a very beautiful poem! I hope you will continue to write
    poetry. Yes , cicadas are as beautiful as your poem describes them.
    Da insect maniac.

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