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March 2, 2016

What do cicadas symbolize?

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You might ask, what do cicadas symbolize? What are cicadas a metaphor for?


Cicadas, for many, represent personal change, renewal, rebirth, and transformation.

Unlike a butterfly, moth, or other insects that undergo complete metamorphosis, cicadas have no pupal state. They transform from one fully-functioning state (instar) to another — one viable form, in a small amount of time, changing to another. The cicada’s transformation is similar to that of human beings. If a person wants or needs to make a change in their life, they don’t enclose themselves in a pod and emerge the next spring (I suppose some might) — more likely they remain in their human form as they change.

A lot of people use cicadas to symbolize their own personal transformation, in art, song, poetry, or even a tattoo. The cicada inherently symbolizes what they were (nymph) and all the glory of what they have become (adult form).

Cicadas can also be a symbol for a musician or singer since they sing.

Since cicadas sing mostly during summer months, they are a symbol of summer and a precursor to the harvest.

Watch some cicada transformations:


  1. NIMH says:

    I’m Nimh…^-^…nice to meet you.
    All primes are sacred, art is creation. All life is sacred. Well here we go pilgrim. See you space cowboy.

    1. Close to Luke says:

      Hey Nihm :3 been a while since I believed in you, I’m close to Luke. I’ve been on the search for the square root of creation, answer seems to be Love, whatever that is! I’m sure I’ll know eventually though. Catch you later princess!

  2. Diane Nahallage says:

    The trees are buzzing and humming in Cincinnati! Enjoy this amusing song I wrote, entitled “Five Million Cicadas.” You can hear the cicadas in the background.

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