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March 1, 2020

My Magicicada photos from 1996, Brood II

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My Magicicada photos from 1996, Brood II. These were taken with disposable cameras and scanned in with a flatbed scanner also from the 1990s. They’re mostly from Metuchen NJ. Otherwise they’re from Westfield NJ.

At this point in time I was not as interested in cicadas as I am now. Back in 1996 they were more of a novelty, but over time my obsession grew.

Magicicada adults in a jar:
Magicicadas in a jar

Magicicada in a jar

Magicicada exuvia in a jar:
Magicicada exuiva in a jar

Scenes from a cicada wedding:

My friends David & Claire were married in an outdoor wedding ceremony in Westfield, NJ, at the peak of the Brood II emergence. No one freaked out — in fact everyone seemed to enjoy it, especially the kids.

The bride and groom, Claire and David:
David & Claire

A cicada creeping up a wedding chair leg during the ceremony:
A cicada creeping up a wedding chair leg during the ceremony

Video from the wedding:

I was even calling them “locusts” back then. Gee wiz.

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