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May 22, 2007

Emerging Cicadas in Villa Park

Filed under: Brood XIII | Magicicada — Dan @ 6:13 am

Here’s a cool photo of cicadas entering their adult phase (instar) taken by Paula K in Villa Park, Illinois!

emerging cicadas


  1. Kate says:

    They’re out in Palos Heights! at least at my house they are…they’ve been coating the yard and our front porch since last night, it’s amazing!

  2. Dean Sprang says:

    Were in Wood Dale and We’ve been searching a while…nothing yet!

  3. Running2ks says:

    Nothing in Aurora yet either. And we just had a Cicada Picnic with homeschooling friends in honor of the emergence date. Soon, though, soon…

  4. Tori says:

    I also live in Villa Park. Ive been taking my son outside to check them out all day.. we caught one in his big box, and we cant seem to stop looking at it. They are aldults now, and they are so creepy looking! I plan on taking pics when my little one os taking his nap. I think I will post them on here later!

  5. Melanie Wilson says:

    Jealous! I wish they’d come out here in Oak Park already.

  6. mr. cicada says:

    we are all under attack!!! come my beauties come… we will take over…come to me and coner my body

  7. Sarah says:

    I love it! It looks like they have little Groucho Marx eyebrows 🙂

  8. Vincent Hradil says:

    My bad – I need another cup of coffee… thanks for the great pic!

  9. Vincent Hradil says:

    Those look like bees to me??

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