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May 2, 2021

Different types of Magicicada periodical cicada holes

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Different types of Magicicada periodical cicada holes found in Princeton, NJ. Brood X, 2021. Generally speaking, their holes are about the size of a dime. You won’t see a spray or kickback of soil around the hole like you would when an animal is digging into the soil rather than coming out of it (cicadas are coming out).

Typical dime-sized cicada holes

Typical Holes

A hole with a corresponding mini cicada-chimney

Here's a hole and cap

A golf ball sized chimney over a hole

Mud Golf Ball

A hole borrowed into a hay bale laying on the ground

Hole in Hay

A hole in moss

A hole in moss

Holes in the underside of a rotten log, with a nymph!

Cicadas will burrow up from the soil of the ground and keep going into the rotting wood of a rotten log! I had to roll the log over to see it.
Holes in a Log

The inside view of a 4″ cicada chimney


Video of a Nymph


  1. mariah says:

    some cicadas hide in my car

  2. mariah says:

    whaaaat that cicada bigggggggggggggg dang

  3. Sue Swiatek says:

    Someone in my neighborhood claims that the male Brood X cicadas emerge before the females. Huh? I’ve lived through several cycles in a heavily affected area and I’ve never heard that. Please clear that up because after only about 3-4 days after emergence, we saw mating going on.

    1. Dan says:

      This is true. Not all, but most of the first wave are males. The purpose of the first wave is to be eaten by predators — stuff their bellies — then the second wave will get by, mate, and spawn the next generation. Females are more valuable in terms of reproduction, as they produce the eggs, and more than one male can fertilize multiple females, so the females arrive in the second wave.

  4. skye says:


  5. Len says:

    Hi Dan – I’m a reporter for and The Star-Ledger. Just want to confirm you found these holes this past weekend, correct? If so, could we get your permission to use 1 or 2 of these photos in our upcoming cicada stories? You can reach me via email:

    1. Dan says:

      I just replied to your email.

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