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May 12, 2018

Cicadas of Africa

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There are far more species in Africa than you’ll find on this page, but this is a start.

Click or tap the image for information about the cicada.

Afzeliada hyalina (Distant, 1905)

Antankaria signoreti (Metcalf, 1955)


New Cicada: Berberigetta dimelodica


Brevisana brevis, the LOUDEST cicada

Cicadatra flavicollis Horváth, 1911


Ioba limbaticollis (Stål, 1863)

Koma bombifrons (Karsch, 1890)

Kongota punctigera (Walker, 1850)

Muansa clypealis (Karsch, 1890)

Munza laticlavia

Quintilla aurora

Quintilia aurora

Platypleura polydorus (Walker, 1850)

Tugelana butleri Distant, 1912

Ugada nutti Distant, 1904

Umjaba evanescens (Butler, 1882)

Yanga brancsiki (Distant, 1893)

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