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July 27, 2005

Cicada Pie Recipe

Filed under: Eating Cicadas — Dan @ 3:32 am

These sort of things disgust me, but I’m posting it anyway.

Four cups of chopped rhubarb, 1 cup of fresh cicadas, washed and any hard parts removed; 1&1/3 cups white sugar, 6 tablespoons all-purpose flour, 1tablespoon butter, and a 9-inch double crust pie crust.

You’ll find the rest of the recipe in this article from the Arizona Republic: Answering bug query is easy as pie.


  1. Jack Garavaglia says:

    It was the best meal I’ve ever had, except my dog ate it and died because there was so much sugar from your recipe ????(Hated that dog anyway so it’s fine).

  2. JSC says:

    The “thing to do” is go out about midnight or 1:00 am, and collect teneral (soft, white) adults as they are coming out of their nymphal skins. They must be blanched in boiling water (as you would for fresh-picked garden veggies) to prevent “bruising” turning them a strange, purplish color. Once you’ve gotten them that far, they may be frozen or refrigerated until use.

    They are delicious in quiche.

  3. tekriter says:

    Anything is good with enough sugar and butter. 🙂

  4. MiniMushroom says:

    cleveland just popped out of nowhere and said OH THATS NASTY

  5. Sugarrush321BANG! says:

    After reading your pie thingy,I actually almost started
    To want to try it.where do you get these
    Bugs,though? If I find one,I may make pie
    Or something with it……hahaha! Later!

  6. alex says:

    DELICIOUS!!!! i recommend it to EVERYONE!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:


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