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July 27, 2005

Tibicen fungi blues

Filed under: Anatomy | Massospora | Matt Berger | Neotibicen — Dan @ 3:44 am

Tibicen fungi.

Here’s a nice photo of a Neotibicen cicada infected with Massospora fungi. Yuck! Thanks to Matt for the photo.


  1. Rob Bloomfield says:

    What animals predate eat the dead/ Zombie infected Cicadia? Could the fungi try to interact with other species?

    1. Dan says:

      No to the fungi. Yeah, animals, insects, mold, and other types of fungi will eat the dead ones and/or decompose them.

  2. LisaRenee says:

    I’m interested in where and when you found the fungal infected Tibicen pictured above. What do you know about this fungual? Was it identified? Any info you have is greatly accepted as NEAT. Thanks.

  3. David Marshall says:

    Hi Dan and Matt –

    I would be interested to know where that infected Tibicen came from and which species it is. Although for all I know it may not be uncommon, I have not seen a fungus-infected Tibicen before and we’re interested in learning about how the different fungal species affect their “hosts”.

    Dave Marshall
    University of Connecticut

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