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January 22, 2003

Cicada Comments from January 2003

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I need your help

Friday, Jan/31/2003
I am an international student.Please understand me. I am not good at English. My English is not good enough to read all of your web site.I have to do homework about a cicada.I need some information about a cicada.1, Can a cicada fly?2. What kind of insects kill it?3. How many kinds of cicadas are there in the world?4. How many parts of a cicada’s body are separated ?5. Does a cicada live alone?6. Can a cicada see?I would appreciate if you would give me other informations about a cicada.Thank you very much. Bryan Oh, Mt.Vernon WA

for Violet from Indianapolis

Friday, Jan/24/2003
It might be too late for your project, but here is a piece of info. My second grader is doing a science project on the cicadas (we actually observed them in the summer 2002 in Southern Illinois), and among the books we found to do research, this one is a good source:
John Golding Myers, Insect Singers: A Natural History of the cicadas. London: George Routledge and Sons, 1929
It has lots of drawings and details. Hope it helps you. Margarita, St. Louis. MO


Thursday, Jan/23/2003
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Look forward to the modifications

Saturday, Jan/18/2003
Hi John, I hope things are going well for you, Cant wait until the pics and sounds are available. Kees, New Zealand

Adult Cicadas Do Feed

Thursday, Jan/9/2003
Hi all–Was reading through some literature and came across yet another statement that adult cicadas do not feed. This is NOT TRUE! I have put a photo of an adult Magicicada septendecula feeding (borrowed from our old U. Mich. pages) on my own web page ( This photo has been on our Michigan website since the beginning, but I guess it needs a little more emphasis!By the way, we will probably not be changing or upgrading the U. Michigan pages for the foreseeable future, because we are busy upgrading “Cicada Central” here at U. CONN. Much of the Magicicada-specific content of the UMICH pages will be appearing on Cicada Central, with vastly improved distribution maps in the works. Cicada Central will also have sounds and photos of NZ cicadas, and eventually, Australian cicadas. Stay tuned! John Cooley, Connecticut

Picture Contest

Monday, Jan/6/2003
Some years ago there was a picture contest on the Cicada Mania website.All of the different pictures were available from the website. I used one of them as my wallpaper for my pc.If these pictures are still available, I’d like to download them once again.Regards,
Daniel Miller
sawdust_studio [AT] Daniel Miller, South Dakota

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