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December 31, 2002

Cicada Comments from December 2002

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Any Cicada Societies?

Date: Wednesday, Dec/25/2002

Message: Does anyone know of any cicada societies I can join to get information/newsletters about cicadas? — Ted, Westchester, NY

NZ Cicadas

Date: Monday, Dec/16/2002

Message: Opps I see there are NZ sites. — Kees, New Zealand

NZ Cicadas

Date: Monday, Dec/16/2002

Message: Hi David and Lindsay. Well the cicadas in NZ are really starting to emerge now, the larger species ( Amphisalta’s ) are starting to make the presence heard while drowning out the smaller species. Its good to see you guys got some rain at last to dampen down the hot spots and stop the fires.
I hope the rest of your season goes well and the cicada numbers will recover, they probably will though, nature has its ways of sorting itself out and arent fires a natural part of the Australian ecosystem?.Its good to see that there are links to the Aussie sites here now, all we need now is links to the NZ site.It would also be nice to no that there are more than 3 of us Australasian cicada people that frequent this site every now and then. — Kees, New Zealand

Australia Cicada Links

Date: Saturday, Dec/7/2002

Message: We’ve added a bunch of Australian Cicada links to the Links page! Check it out! — Dan (Cicada Expert!), New Jersey

Sydney cicadas fired up and out

Date: Thursday, Dec/5/2002

Message: Kees and Lindsay,
There are a quite a few Antipodean cicadaphiles. Fierce bushfires in the past few days have endangered quite a few collecting sites (let alone getting in and out of sites) around Sydney. Emergences have been 3-4 weeks early, still numbers of Cyclochila, Thopha saccata and Macrotristria angularis about. Smaller Pauropsaltas and Cicadettas have come and gone; P moerens just emerging, but need rain urgently. — David, Sydney, Australia

Cicada website has moved

Date: Tuesday, Dec/3/2002

Message: The Australian cicada website has moved to Kees. Its just getting drier here, but there has been some rain in north Queensland. The cicadas are suffering this year. Although I heard today that the El Nino weather pattern will start to change over the next few months, meaning that there will be more rain next summer. — Lindsay, Brisbane, Australia

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