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August 30, 2002

Cicada Comments from August 2002

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IT’S INPORTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Saturday, Aug/31/2002
I have a homework assigment heres the question: Insects called cicadas spend moast of there lives underground. Many come above ground nley every 13 or17 yrs. In North Ameica people call 13 & 17 locusts. 12 14 or 16 year locusts?
EMail me at erinleigh [AT]
Thanks Erinleigh, Helena MT USA

JZ responds to Rebecca from VA

Date: Saturday, Aug/31/2002
The three little dots on the cicadas head are actually eyes called “ocelli”. They are only sensative enough to be able to distinguish between light and dark. It is believed that they assist the insect to distinguish shapes and large objects while in flight. John Z, Maryland

Thank you

Date: Friday, Aug/30/2002
We found a cicada and were able to watch and video tape its coming-out-party. Our fourth grade daughter was able to take it to school today with the video tape to share with her classmates. I printed out your frequently asked questions and sent it with her as well. You do a great job with answering the questions and adding some good humor. We thoroughly enjoyed your web page. Thank you. Gale , Illinois

? what are the bindi like features on a cicada’s head?

Date: Thursday, Aug/29/2002
In Fredricksburg VA cicadas are dropping out of the trees…well like flies. I’ve seen hundreds, and I’m curious as to what the 3 small copper colored shiny dots are between the insects eyes. I couldn’t find an answer at the library.
Rebecca, Virginia

T. linnei now abundant in the evenings

Date: Tuesday, Aug/27/2002
Over the last week, the transition of T. lyricen being the dominant caller in the evenings to T. linnei as the dominant calling species has taken place here in Southern Maryland. Also of note, T. chloromera has been calling more this year in the afternoon and into the evenings than compared to the past few years. My guess: the very high humidity and continuous high temperatures (many 90 deg days) starting in the early morning hours. Whenever a cold front comes through and the temps get cooler, that evening and the following morning chloromera doesn’t call. John, Maryland

Australian cicada website

Date: Tuesday, Aug/27/2002
Hi. I’m based at the University of Queensland. This is a comprehensive site with information on Australian cicadas, images, sounds, links etc.Enjoy! Lindsay, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Looking for their husks

Date: Monday, Aug/26/2002
Great sight! I am an artist in RI and have for the past two years been collecting the husks of the cicada- this year I have found over 200 – I am interested in making a sculpture with them- if anyone would like to collect these husks and send them to me along with your thoughts on the insect I would be very happy– my address is
11 Job st.
Providence RI 02904 Thanks Pat P Bennett, Providence, RI

The Cicada killer wasps

Date: Sunday, Aug/25/2002
The Cicada Killer Wasps have take over my hill…I havn’t seen a cicada in months and the wasps are scaring me…Send help and exterminater not telling, I’m near boston,MA

What brood would be emerging in MA this year?

Date: Saturday, Aug/24/2002
We’ve found evidence of cicadas outside our workplace in Burlington, MA, and it started me to look into them. I see that they cycle in “broods”. What brood would be appearing in Massachusetts in August, 2002? Kim Avery, Chelmsford, MA, USA

Found One!

Date: Friday, Aug/23/2002
Hi there,Out in the park with the kids and found this massive bug, a bit wounded, struggling through the grass. I am pretty sure that it is a Tibicen Auletes, does this make sense? Dark green, brown and black markings that I must say look extremely cool. It’s underside has what looks like a white dusting surrounding dark brown/black and green; legs are light green.Send me some info as the kids and I are nursing this critter back to health in a box. What do they eat? I am assuming leaves and grass.thanks,rod rod cohen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

cicada found

Date: Friday, Aug/23/2002
We found a live cicada.MY first graders and I had already talked about them. We brought him into the classroom,thought he was dead, but twice he began to sing, but he looks dead, wont move. Was he dying when we heard him? We all felt sorry for him. We want some info for 1st graders. linda moore, Wilson N.C.

Cicadas and hot weather

Date: Friday, Aug/23/2002
So far I have found it to be true that cicadas singing in the morning is consistent with hot weather. Some cicadas, Tibicen chloromera and T. lyricen in particular, love the hot mid-afternoon hours for singing, and if the morning is really hot, they will often get an early start. On the other hand, if it is cool and/or cloudy in the morning, they will usually wait until it heats up to start calling. Nick., Cicadas of Arkansas

Answering questions

Date: Friday, Aug/23/2002
Hello everyone,I’ve been asked to assist Dan in answering your questions on this board. Since Dan will be unavailble for at least another week, please feel free to forward your questions to me at les_daniels [AT] yahoo.comI’ll do my best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.Les Les Daniels, Fremont, Ohio U.S.A.

Gonna be a hot one

Date: Thursday, Aug/22/2002
Is it true that if you hear cicadas in the morning that means it’s going to be a really hot day? Thats what I heard as a kid and it seems to be true Al, New Jersey

Dog is eating cicadas

Date: Thursday, Aug/22/2002
My dog is chasing and eating the cicadas in our back yard. It is disgusting!!! Barb, Washington, DC

Relationship of “Singing” and Temperature?

Date: Thursday, Aug/22/2002
The frequency and tone of their calls is related to the temperature, and the time of day. What exactly is the relationship? What temperature does it have to be?thanks
George Boccanfuso, Sarnia Ontario Canada

cicadas and drought

Date: Thursday, Aug/22/2002
can cicadas appear early because of drought conditions jesse einstein, potomac md


Date: Wednesday, Aug/21/2002

Found two!

Date: Wednesday, Aug/21/2002
I’ve always heard them around, but never seen a live one, until today. There was a male on the street light pole outside my house. He was making his racket, and then a female arrived at the same pole. Kenneth Tucky, Ontario

New Cicada Enthusiast !!!

Date: Wednesday, Aug/21/2002
Hey Everyone,
I’ve recently become amazed with cicadas. I’m learning so many cool new facts. Unfortunitly I haven’t seen a real live one. So if anyone has any tips on finding one please email me at karej429 [AT]
& Good Luck 🙂 Kary Johanesen, New Jersey

Live Adult Cicada Found

Date: Tuesday, Aug/20/2002
I found a live adult cicada this morning on the front stoop of our laboratory building. I live and work in the Catskill Mountain area of NY for a water supply reservoir. The area is rocky & forrested mostly white pine, and hardwoods.
There was a trace of rainfall on the morning I found it. I found it 8/20/02 at 10:00 a.m. Jeff Helmuth, P.E., Shokan, NY (Ulster County)

please answer

Date: Tuesday, Aug/20/2002
for a project i need 5 interesting facts about cicadas…. has anyone got any good ones???? please email me at fairydust8000 [AT] thankyou katie, australia

is the 17 year cicadas here?

Date: Monday, Aug/19/2002
i remember i think it was in 1985, my son was about 14. he was mowing the back yard and these cicadas were atacking him, he wore a football hat and was trying to run from them. i was driving down the street and they would fly inside the car while i was driving!!
was wondering if this year is when they will be like then? not sure of the year. it was either 1985 or 1986.
thank you,
paula jane paula jane, dayton, ohio


Date: Monday, Aug/19/2002
I have so many cicadas in my yard it is driving me crazy what can i do? I have alot of black ones and i saw one green one. i want to spray. i had a tree company come out because they are every where Help!!!! jill, bloomfield, michigan

Response ….

Date: Sunday, Aug/18/2002
Response to:
slakers up in the piece!
Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002do you guys ever answer these questions — Penis, State of the Crabs….
They’re on vacation from July 31 till Sept.. read the front page of the website!
WebPageReader, PA

Cicadas everywhereeeeeee…..

Date: Saturday, Aug/17/2002
There are hundreds of cicadas in the trees near my house and I need to catch one for a Zoology project for school next year; thing is, they are too fast! I was so close to cathing one, nevermind being deafened by the buzzing noise and it flew off before I could capture it…anyone know a good way to capture a cicada?Adema3496 [AT] Candyce, Baltimore, Maryland

All the cicadas live in my yard!

Date: Saturday, Aug/17/2002
When I see these bugs…I want to be sick! They are sooo huge…what is their purpose? I saw a little finch fighting one, even the birds think they’re sick! When I go out at night, they find me! I think they like me, kind of like a person who hates cats and the cat rubs on that persons leg. I was in my basement, ironing and there was one attracted to the light (I just came in because one kept flying around my porch.) This second one, kept bagging into the slotted window of the door (no screen). So I went to close the window so it was open just a crack and a few minutes later that bug came flying through the teeny-tiny opening, like a freaking bat out of hell! NO LIE! I screamed like a banshee! Poking around for a few minutes with no luck I went back to my ironing–Low and behold a couple of minutes later who comes crawling up from underneath the ironing board, but this nucluear sized fly! I almost DIED. Well, I found a mason jar and screamed for my husband, he took it and put it outside the other basement door and he could not close the door fast enough the determined disgusting bug flew in before the door shut. Well, that bug, unfortunatly lost. To say the least we have many more. What do the females look like? Kruzen [AT] put cicada in the memo area. Lisa, Northern Chester County

Is it dead?

Date: Friday, Aug/16/2002
We saw a big cicada at work today on the outside stairs. It was just sitting there on the ground. We thought is was dead so we poked it.
It started to crawl a bit.
I think it’s still out there.
Is it dying?
Anna & Angie, Canada

Large amounts of Cicadas

Date: Thursday, Aug/15/2002
Have lived in the Bucks County, PA area for 13 years and by far this year in Washington Crossing there is an abundance of cicadas everywhere! Mayb the drought conditions have brought morre out than usual? Carole D., Washington Crossings, PA

Cicada Killer Wasps

Date: Thursday, Aug/15/2002
I was very surprised when walking to the subway to see this huge “mutant” thing carrying another large bug. I stopped in shock. Well now I’m calmer as I have identified it as a Cicada Killer Wasp (or at least I think I’m calmer!) Anyone else every see these in Brooklyn? Amanda, Brooklyn, NY

Cicada picture

Date: Thursday, Aug/15/2002
I have a pretty good picture of a cicada I’d like to send you.Thanks. ronoquinn [AT] Ron O’Quinn, Ladson, S.C.

Tyler from PA

Date: Thursday, Aug/15/2002
Give your email address and I’ll tell you what I can about keeping cicadas alive. Or just send me an email and I’ll send a reply that way. Mine is stnick127 [AT] Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

Dog Day Cicadas

Date: Wednesday, Aug/14/2002
Wow — is it hot in Jersey. Plenty of Tibicens too. Dan (Cicada Expert!), NewJersey

Raising Cicadas

Date: Wednesday, Aug/14/2002
I’ve always been interested in catching bugs. It all started with catching Japanese beetles in my grape vines. When I first saw a cicada shell, my friends said that is was locust shell. That was in 1999. I didn’t see one untill this summer. I found them all over the place! Every tree I looked on had them. Finding them has became my hobby. One time when I found a shell it seemed a little heavy. I couldn’t belive it! It was a live locust! I tried to raise it, but some of the mean bully kids squashed it. I was so sad that day. A week later, I found another live one. It got away. The next day, I acually caut one. I have it in a jar as I’m typing this. I want to know how to raise and take care of one. I hope you have some info! Oh, and thanks to this site I know that it’s a cicada. Hope your vacation was fun!!! Tyler Marini, Greenville, PA

Attention: Brian J. Prichard

Date: Wednesday, Aug/14/2002
Brian, please contact me at my email of les_daniels [AT] yahoo.comIt is important and I’m hoping you can help. You’re original email I have in my address book is no longer valid. Thanks – Les Les Daniels, Fremont, Ohio U.S.A.

2nd sighting of cicada

Date: Wednesday, Aug/14/2002
last night my co-workers and i had a cicada in the breakroom this was the 2nd time we had come in contact with it. the first time we saw it, our female employees claimed that it was attacking them. (it was just flying around and they were in it’s way) ken, Cleveland,Ohio

Found a stange bug

Date: Wednesday, Aug/14/2002
We think we found a cicada in our front yard but we aren’t sure. We’ve never seen one here before but we just visited Chicago & learned about them. Why are we now seeing them here? Nancy, Meghan & Emilie, Royal Oak, MI 48073

Definately not Giant Ticks

Date: Wednesday, Aug/14/2002
We started seeing these strange exoskelletons on the trees outside our house and were very curious as to what they were. I jokeingly said they must have been giant ticks, and my wife thought they must be locusts. I never saw what came out of them untill the other night when I went out to walk the dog and found one drying it’s wings. I promptly ran inside and and got the digital to take some pictures and got some real doozies. At this point I thought they might be cicadas but I had to be sure. After a bit of research, I came upon this site and it proved what the beautiful green bug with the glassy wings was. I am so excited and hope I get to see more. Is there a season for these in New Jersey? and if so, When can I expect them. Also, what kind are these bright green ones and are they on this 17 year cycle I keep hearing about? Please e-mail me with any information at ltockman4 [AT] Thanks and I appreaciate any info anyone can give me. Lee Tockman, Princeton NJ


Date: Tuesday, Aug/13/2002
Got to see my first Cicada last week. Really neat. Marilyn, Gardiner, Maine

male or female

Date: Tuesday, Aug/13/2002
how do u know if a cicada is amale or female? dude, whitby ontario canada

Silver Spring and Brooklyn Cicadas

Date: Monday, Aug/12/2002
I’m from Silver Spring. The 17 year cicadas will be back there in 2004, but you have other cicadas every summer. Does anyone know if there any cicadas in Manhattan? Margaret , Brooklyn

Re:Killer Wasps

Date: Monday, Aug/12/2002
I know what you mean about having them all over your lawn! I have them so bad, you can’t even walk outfront. They have come after us(my husband & I) and after my dogs. I guess they are protecting their nests, but still. We too have tried everything, the only thing that works is cool weather. We had a few days of nice temps, and we did not see one!! I can’t wait til fall!!! Then, we are going to try & kill the larve in the holes. The strange part, we never ever hear ciadas around!!! Go figure! I can’t help w/info on killing cicads, I don’t think that is the answer. You can call an exterminator, they can treat the lawn, but it’s coslty & you may need several treatments. Good luck!!! B, PA

i just now at age 37 held my first live cicada

Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002
a neighbor was over and happened to see it clinging to a tree in the yard. we held it and looked at it for a bit then let it go. i sure wouldnt mind knowing what sort we have here. i have seen the word broods many times here tonight but the bugs are here every year. are they still the sort thjat hatch every 7 or 17 years? the cicada was grayish except for some very dark green markings on its back. Gerald, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

slakers up in the piece!

Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002
do you guys ever answer these questions Penis, State of the Crabs….

Brood IX stragglers?

Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002
I’ve seen a few cicada exoskeletons laying around this year and I’m looking forward to a huge infestation next year! I remember the last time they came– I was only 8 and I used to dream of what I would be like 17 years from then… Would I be any fun? Would I still climb trees? Would I still play with the cicadas? I can’t wait to introduce my little son to the incredible cicada phenomenon! And yes, I still climb trees! Julia, Reston, VA

cicadas in Maryland

Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002
When will cicadas emerge in Maryland? David, Silver Spring, MD


Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002
I moved here to PA from CA last spring and am discovering all kinds of new critter life here (like the centipede on my dining room wall but that’s another story!)
Found this ugly beautiful creature on my doorstep this morning, unfortunately, dead. Neighbor said it was a June bug but when I checked bug websites, it wasn’t a match. Then I remembered hearing about Cicadas from my grandparents in Kansas. Ta-Dah! Thats what it is and that’s what all the racket is in my neighborhood!Great website ! Thanks for all your information Sandy, Enola, Cumberland County, PA

Thanks for having the web site

Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002
I awoke one hot August morning to my 5 year old son adn 3 year old daughters question – WHAT is that noise.I explained that it was a bug. A minutes later I was in the front of my house very excited to see a cicada that was recently hatch, with great excitment I got the kids and brought them outside to see what bug made all that noise. That lead to even more questions.I immediately went searching on the web and came up with your website.You had all the answers and the best pictures, we even downloaded some sounds.So thanks for helping a mom explain what all that noise is.Keep up the good work. Eileen Signorelli, Staten Island NY

cicada singing

Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002
The cicada singing is deafening in my neighborhood. I just finished making an outdoor video and we couldn’t hear the people speaking because of the cicada ‘chat’.If anyone needs more cicadas, go to Northbrook Illinois. You won’t be disappointed. Wendy, Northbrook, IL

heard lots of ’em – first sighting last night…

Date: Saturday, Aug/10/2002
One crawled out of the flower bed onto the kids’ li’l tikes play slide. We watched it split its’ back, creep out of its’ skin, extend (and dry) it’s wings, then change color and sit in the sun waiting to be eaten by a bird… Ray, Plainfield, IL – 35miles west of Chicago

an old Ojibwe tale about the cicada

Date: Saturday, Aug/10/2002
Cicadas usually appear around the Great Lakes area in August. I thought I would share one of my favorite stories told to me when I was a youngster. (Folklore is an imortant part of the Ojibwe culture.) Winiboozhoo is a common character in our folklore; he was one of the first human-like beings made by the creator (Gitchimanitou). THE CICADA AND WINIBOOZHOOFrom the beginning of time, children resisted eating vegetables and fruits, objecting that cabbages and such were such a disagreeable and unappetizing green. To persuade children to eat vegetables and fruits, Winiboozhoo stumbled on the idea of dying them hundreds of different shades to confer beauty and flavor on them. But before he was half done with this enormous task, an enemy came along during the night and stained everything with a film of fine cold, white dust. Winiboozhoo was forced to start over not once but many times before he learned who his enemy was. From the beginning he suspected it was his brother Pukawis but it wasn’t until he heard derisive laughter, muted and disguised though it was, that he was sure. Finally, unable or unwilling to put up with the despoliation of his work by frost or snow even if it was done in jest, Winiboozhoo caught a cicada and put it to work, painting the fruit and vegetables so he could devote his time and energy to pursuing the enemy.
The cicada took up the assignment readily. However because Winiboozhoo’s instructions were rather vague, the cicada painted everything, including the grass and leaves. Winiboozhoo was so preoccupied with overtaking his mischievous brother Pukawis that he forgot about the cicada.
To this day the cicada can be heard on hot days, sometimes as early as mid-July, starting the duties that Winiboozhoo assigned him: painting the land to usher in autumn. Abbey, Mankato, MN

Cicada Killer Wasps

Date: Friday, Aug/9/2002
Each year, our yard is over run with Cicada Killer Wasps which burrough in the ground, lay their eggs and find Cicadas from the trees to deposit in the burroughs for their larve to eat.This year, the infestation is worse than ever. You may walk into the yard and see literally hundreds of Cicada Killer Wasps flying around. They
do not bother humans but these burroughs they dig are similair to that of
mole crickets and they are generally annoying. If they were to sting someone, it would be a very painful ordeal.Anyway, we have attempted some of the suggestions made on Cicada Killer Wasp websites to discourage them from coming to our yard to no avail. We have used lime around the yard, flooded the yard with water
and generally tried to rid the yard of these wasps.The only other solution is to next take away their motovation and kill the
Cicadas in the nearby trees. What would it take to do this and would it
rid our yard of Cicada Killer Wasps finally?BHW Barton Workman, Tampa, Florida USA

Information Please

Date: Friday, Aug/9/2002
I was startled the other day when watering as a cicada nearly the size of a sparrow flew out of the bushes. I had never seen a cicada, nor any insect of that size for that matter, that large. It was dark, almost black with yellow spots. Does anyone know what that describes or where I can find more out about them?Thx… Dallas BKK, Dallas, TX, USA

Lots of em

Date: Thursday, Aug/8/2002
Over the last few days we have had lots!
of noise….they are all over the place.
do they come out every 13-17 years?
we have been here 12 years and this is the first time we have heard them.
scoozer66 [AT] Sarah Bauer, Fountain,CO

Tibicen linnei

Date: Thursday, Aug/8/2002
I have a few questions regarding T. linnei. The first concerns the range in which it is found. Does this creature inhabit northern Texas? Also, does its call sound similar to that of a rattlesnake? Any info would be greatly appreciated. John V., Wichita Falls, Tx

Cicadas in 2003

Date: Wednesday, Aug/7/2002
Please help! I am planning an outdoor wedding reception in July 2003. It will we held at Sharon Woods Village in Sharonville, Ohio. WIll there be an infestion of cicadas at that time? I certainly don’t want them invited to my big day! Please E-mail me at SKrehb5754 [AT]
Amy Amy Krehbiel, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Cicadas attracted to Lights at night!

Date: Monday, Aug/5/2002
Over the past four years, I have been keeping track (species & sex)of any annual cicadas that are attracted to any of my three outside lights. I usually have about a dozen cicadas that will come to the lights during the summer. This year however, I guess because of the heat and humidity, I am having an abundance of cicadas coming to my outside lights! Just a few days ago I had 6 cicadas come to lights in one night! (4 lyricen and 2 chloromera). I usually hit them hitting the glass doors (a very distinct sound) and find them hanging on the screen or on the ground. Since July 10, I have had 26 attracted to the lights. This is double the amount during an average year and there is still a lot of summer left. Its interesting that most of the cicadas have been female T. lyricen! Anybody else have any similar experiences?
So far this year, John Z, Maryland

T. robinsoniana now locally abundant, T. davisi is now common & N. hieroglyphica is finished for the year.

Date: Monday, Aug/5/2002
Since we have been experiencing many 90 degree days, Tibicen robinsoniana has been extremely abundant in certain localities. Its very slow coarse continous “runt…runt…runt” is very unique and can be heard almost every afternoon (usually after 1pm and before 6pm). T. chloromera, T. lyricen & T. davisi (short, high-pitched whine lasting about 10 seconds) make up the morning and noon chorus. An occasional T. auletes may call around noon. Things seems to be quiet until around 6pm, when T. chloromera has been calling lately in the late afternoon/early evening. About a half an hour before dusk, T. lyricen (long monotone rattle lasting 40-60 seconds) and T. auletes (very loud chh..chh..chh…chh) begin to call and do so until just about dark.
Only one T. linnei called for a few days a few weeks ago, but as in years past I expect T. lyricen to start to decrease and T. linnei start to increase around the end of August. N. hieroglyphica was last heard on August 2 and is probably finished for the year. John Z, Maryland


Date: Monday, Aug/5/2002
I was digging today, trying to kill some vines that were climbing up my house. After about three shovels, I noticed an off brown lump sitting in the soil. Upon close examination, I believed it to be a Cicada skin, then it moved. I was worried the critter would die, so I had my six year old place him on a tree. Within a couple hours the Cicada had shed his skin and was ready for business! Incredible find and I took several pictures (hope they come out).
My son obviously became interested so I did an internet search and found your site. Incredible find! Thanks just for being here. Jim, Colorado

Tibicen auletes

Date: Monday, Aug/5/2002
I was just beginning to notice that these guys haven’t made a peep all year, when all at once, they’ve shown up rather convincingly in the last few days. As usual they gather in groups so you always hear them when they’re anywhere close! =) Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

Cicada Sighting

Date: Monday, Aug/5/2002
We have tons of cicadas in our backyard. They frequently attach to our house or lay on our deck. I have to be honest, they are not in the least attractive. Perhaps they haven’t come out of their “shell” yet? Anyway, I have great respect and appreciation for them. Saw one on the bricks of the house yesterday; blue jay snatched it and ate it – very disappointing. This morning a new one is sunbathing on the deck. Ahhh, the circle of life I suppose. Shelley, Brantford, Ontario, Canada


Date: Monday, Aug/5/2002
Well, these wasps are no fun dealing with!!! I wrote about them awhile back, well, they are still all over my lawn, & keep making new nests… I have been able to find new info on them, but still nothing helps. Except… cooler weather… They may not ‘attack’ but when you have 10-20 flying around at your house, you still don’t want to walk through them. They have gone after my dogs. So, the only thing that seems to get rid of them will be the fall weather…. When that hits, I will have to find all the holes and ‘treat’ them so as to kill any eggs that were layed there. B, Delaware County,PA

Cicadas make me scared-y!

Date: Monday, Aug/5/2002
tonite i was sitting around not doing much and whatnot and then all of a sudden i heard a CRAZY noize and i looked over and saw this HUGE SCAAAAAAAAARY bug flying all about the room and into my face, chest and neck like a crazy person! i was so scared i almost pooped my pants right then and there (but i didn’t!). nope, i chased it around and finally caught it with some tongs and threw it back out the window. YAY!!! then i had an ice cream cone because i was so happy it hadn’t killed me and eaten my body (or filled it full of eggs or something). bye.(p.s– the scary bug i was talking about? it was a cicada. OH YEAH!)(p.p.s.– do you peoples like cicadas or something? I SURE DON’T!) Randall, NY

Scary Cicada Story

Date: Sunday, Aug/4/2002
Today I found a cicada attacking my pet poodle in the backyard. She was frightened so I hit it (the cicada) with my electrified fly swatter. It had no effect. It flew at my face and I tripped over the poodle. Cicada’a are scary. Your web site is cool. Will you send me a free t-shirt? tommy, mount holly, nj


Date: Sunday, Aug/4/2002
Two or three sighted in Red Bank, NewJersey in the past weeks. Sheila, Red Bank, New Jersey

Cicada Sighted

Date: Sunday, Aug/4/2002
On August 4, 2002 at about 10 pm, a cicada coming out of its shin hung over my door as I went into my house. When it finished coming out of its ugly skin, it spread its beautiful thin leaflike green wings. I took pictures with my digital camera.Do they really stay in the ground for 17 years?Logan Logan Cantu, Grifton, Nc

too many cicadas messing up my lawn!

Date: Saturday, Aug/3/2002
I bought my house a little over four years ago. Like clockwork, every year around late June and early July I find these little holes in my lawn, usually close to trees or my hedges. The holes are about 1/2 inch in diameter and up to 5 or 6 inches deep. Upon closer inspection I also find anywhere from 15 to 40 of these nasty looking bug skins/shells either in the grass at the base of the bushes or sometimes attached to my wooden shed or kid’s wooden swing set. The bug skins are usually split down the back at which point something obviously emerged in some different form. Being a reasonably intelligent person I figured that some form of insect had crawled out of the ground (hence the holes) and shed it’s skin. When I took these skins to my local gardening center I was informed that they were some form of grub. Three years and two bags of grub treatment later I still counted about 35 “grub” holes in my lawn along with the accompanying shells. One night last week I noticed a large insect burrowing into the dirt in my flower patch like a dog looking for a bone. The bug turned out to be a cicada bug as it was big and metallic green and had large wings that made a lot of noise. I chased the bug away and filled up the hole with a rock only to come back the next day to find a freshly dug hole next to the blocked one. I also hear them buzzing around outside almost every day. I even found one in my house (actually my three year-old spotted the critter). I then decided to do some research on the internet and to make a long story somewhat shorter I now think that I have a lawn full of cicada bugs that create these holes and then leave their skins all over the place. I even went on one website that showed one of these critters shedding it’s skin. It looked just like the skins I have all over my yard. But why do they keep coming back every year? Aren’t they supposed to be on some sort of 13 or 17 year cycle? Will they eventually destroy my lawn or shrubs and if so how can I get rid of them? I know they like to eat plants and roots and things. I’m open for any information or suggestions anyone might have. malbug [AT] Mark Bugbee, Baltimore, MD

Green cicada

Date: Saturday, Aug/3/2002
Saw a cicada buzzing around a streetlight near my house – then the next night found one skittering around a parking lot – he was olive green. It’s been real hot and humid the last few weeks! Steve Carpenter, Lafayette, Louisiana

Cicada sightning

Date: Saturday, Aug/3/2002
Aug 03 2002 sighted a green cicada in the garden..very fascinating… sandy, Buena Vista, Virginia

Cicada sightning

Date: Saturday, Aug/3/2002
Aug 03 2002 sandy, Buena Vista, Virginia

Cicada Killer Wasps

Date: Friday, Aug/2/2002
I just ran into these large wasps, and had a crash course on them. You can go to this web site to learn more about them. Very interesting creatures. Jodi, MI

cicada killers

Date: Friday, Aug/2/2002
Tonite my girls and I were walking to our next door neighbors and came across what appeared to be some type of ant nest, when the mutant bee flew out at us we quickly changed our tune. After finding a dead “bee” and doing a little research I am almost sure it is a cicada killer. Any advice on when to watch for one in action? The girls and I think it would be interesting to see the food chain at work. June, indianapolis


Date: Friday, Aug/2/2002
Ive been told that cicadas hibrinate for seven years, then they come out for a season, then hibrinate again for another seven years, so on and so forth. andrew schwartz, Chicago , IL

I saw a cicada on my porch

Date: Friday, Aug/2/2002
Hi i am 15 years old and i was outside of my porch and i saw this ugly big bug and it was laying still on the ground not moving. Then my dog went up to it and would touch it then it would flip around not flying but its wings or something made a lound sound and it was hop rolling around. Then my dog ate it but i had no clue what it was. The next day i found out it was a Cicada and i was wondering if they really do only come every 17 years and if so are they coming this year? Also is it bad that my dog ate it? If they are invading this year about how long do u think they would stay, and do they bite people like other insects? I live in maryland and i know that there is an insect that is coming within the next few years but should i expect to see Locusts or Cicadas? Thankyou,
Tallie, Olney Maryland

How long are cicadas around for each year?

Date: Thursday, Aug/1/2002
I am working on a science newsletter involving sounds in your backyard. I would like to include cicadas, but the letter will not be distributed until early to mid September. Will cicadas be around through September? Roxanne, Albuquerque, NM

Rachel from Texas

Date: Thursday, Aug/1/2002
There are several species of cicadas, and each one has its own unique call. The one you heard to the south was likely a cicada, just a different species than what you have in the Dallas area. Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with the western cicada species, so I couldn’t begin to tell you what kind it may have been. The western species are different frrom those in the east, and the changeover occurs roughly through the plains states and central Texas. Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas


Date: Thursday, Aug/1/2002
Hi. I’m stumped. I’ve just returned from the Brownsville area of the Rio Grand Valley in the south tip of Texas. Down there is a bug that makes one very loud, high pitched sound, almost deafening if too close. It slows down similar to the cicadas up here in the DFW area, sort of sounding like a chain saw comming to a stop, but the bug is much higher piched. Is this a cicada? If so what sort? Any help appreciated!!
Thanks Rachel, Texas

Cicada in my apartment…

Date: Thursday, Aug/1/2002
I have a cicada in my apartment… should I be concerned? It appeared to be attracted to my house light. How long do you think it will live? J, Baltimore, Maryland

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  1. Eliron Tapia says:

    I am freshman, studying this website for english. I was reading the comments and noticed they were all from 2002. I am living in the future! It is now 2023. I was born in 2009. I anyones in the past reading this, in 2022 there is a global pandemic. I advise you to stock up on toilet paper (not joking) food, and water. Be safe. Cicadas are cool i guees.


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