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April 30, 2003

Cicada Comments from April 2003

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cicadas in 2004

Date: Monday, Apr/28/2003

Message: Please – I need some advice/help. I am planning on outdoor wedding in cincinnati for May 8, 2004….and I learned about the cicada “plague” coming to cincinnati “around May 20” in 2004 and learned of this website. Can anyone tell me if this is an accurate date? Or am I taking a huge risk with May 8th? What happens in the weeks prior to the “plague”? Please advise – thanks so much, lisa — Lisa, cincinnati, OH

Cicada keychain

Date: Sunday, Apr/13/2003

Message: Hi there! I just read something in your news archive talking about an elusive “Cicada keychain” that buzzes and lights up!!! Do you know where I could get my hands on 1 of these? Also, hows about making some girl-size shirts of all of the t-shirt designs? I really want the ash-grey shirt!!! Thanks a lot. Please reply to yellowmonday [AT] if possible — Laura, Australia

cicadas emerging pt. 2

Date: Thursday, Apr/3/2003

Message: Please send responses to delynnewest [AT] — Delynne, Benton, AR

cicadas emerging?

Date: Thursday, Apr/3/2003

Message: We have a lot of holes in our yard that just appeared in the past week. Is it possible these are from cicadas? Is April too early?Thanks for any help! — Delynne, Benton, AR

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