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March 31, 2003

Cicada Comments from March 2003

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Henry Thoreau at Staten Island, 1843

Wednesday, Mar/19/2003
Hello,Henry Thoreau reported the cicada in the summer of 1843 in Staten Island, and wrote to his sister Helen to ask if Concord (MASS) had them; I am wondering the same–would there have been an episode in that part of New England in 1843?Thanks Kevin Dann, Woodstock, VT

Get rid of those Cicada’s without harm!

Friday, Mar/14/2003
As all animal and nature lovers, those little (and sometimes big) cicadas drive me nuts sometimes! I have developed a non lethal way to rid your garden and home of the cicada. The ingredients are 100% natural. My formula is safe and non-toxic, is domestic animal friendly and will not harm wildlife or plantlife. This product will be available very soon! You may send me an email for more information to: N8KKP [AT] Kevin, Cincinnati, OH USA

First Cicadas

Thursday, Mar/13/2003
I am anxiously awaiting the news of the first Cicadas in North Americo north of Mexico. When and where do they appear? What are the common early species?In our area (Texas Panhandle) Cacama valvata appears in May. Do any appear in April or earlier?johnne [AT] Wes Phillips, Fritch, Texas

How to shut these bloody things up

Sunday, Mar/2/2003
Our backyard has become infested with these horrible things and my kids are terrified of them. It os not possible to hold a conversation in the garden as there are so many making so much noise. I am into electronics and wondered if anyone knows of ANY sort of audio signal that will make them either shut up or fly away. They give me the creeps and remind me of that 60’s Hitchcock film about the crows. Any advice greatly appreciated. owen [AT] Owen, Nelson, NZ

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