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December 30, 2010

Cicada Alphabet: O

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O is for ocelli. Ocelli are three jewel-like eyes situated between the two main, compound eyes of a cicada. We believe ocelli are used to detect light and darkness. Ocelli means little eyes in Latin.


Okanagana is a genus of cicada found in North America. These cicadas are primarily black with white, beige or orange markings. Here is a photo of an Okanagana rimosa (Say’s Cicada). Here is a photo of an Okanagana bella. See many photos of an Okanagana occidentalis.

Operculum means cover or lid in Latin, and the operculum covers the tympanum (which allows cicadas to hear).

Orientopsaltria beaudouini is a medium sized cicada that can be found in Thailand. See a photo of a Orientopsaltria beaudouini.

The female cicada uses her Ovipositor to deposit her ovum (eggs) into a tree branch.

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