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Dedicated to cicadas, the most amazing insects in the world.

Privacy Policy

We, Cicada Mania (, never give away or sell your information. We are a very small website, and only hope that you enjoy the site, and occasionally buy a t-shirt, mug or book.

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Cicada Mania ( collects names, email addresses and website URLs that people enter when they leave comments in the comment section of our News & Information pages. Paired with cookies, the website is able to identify you as you leave comments and converse with other visitors. We do not share or sell this information. The blog software we use is Wordpress.

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Terms & Conditions

Cicada Mania ( is for entertainment & comedic purposes only, and its owner or contributors are not liable for any perceived harm or loss to anything or anyone. Always consult a professional (doctor, scientist, priest) and get a professional opinion; never trust a website, especially not this one. is not an educational website; please do not use it for educational purposes. is intended for human beings, 18 years of age or older.


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  • Do not copy or paraphrase any of the site content (which includes text, descriptions and imagery) without the permission of Cicada Mania, and the content's author.
  • Use one of the free images, if you want to use one of our images for your site, science project, etc.


  • Any content posted to blog becomes the property of Cicada Mania, however, the poster bears the responsibility for any information posted on the board.
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  • When posting comments to the blog, refrain from submitting personal information, such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers or street addresses.

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  • The Cicada Mania Terms & Conditions does not apply to the Cafepress t-shirt store.

Privacy Policy


  • Cicada Mania retains copies of all e-mail correspondences for as long as we feel necessary.
  • E-mail correspondences and e-mail address information are never shared with third parties.


  • Any informaton submitted in the form of a comment is public, and is freely available to anyone who can read the board.

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  • The Cicada Mania Privacy Policy does not apply to the Cafepress t-shirt store.


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