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September 22, 2018

Cicada Images and Video for Sharing

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In case you want cicada images and video to share, we’ve uploaded images to social media sites to make it easy to share the images. These images are often in the Creative Commons, or otherwise owned by Dan, and Dan doesn’t care if you share them. Other images, video, and audio on the site are copyrighted by the people who created that media, and I can’t grant use their work.

Nice Images:

Image of a male Magicicada septendecim (periodical/17-year species)

Magicicada septendecim, male

Image of a molting male Neotibicen tibicen (annual summertime species)

Male Tibicen tibicen (formerly Tibicen cholormera) Cicada

Image of a male Magicicada septendecim (periodical/17-year species)

Magicicada septendecim Cicada

Image of a female Neotibicen tibicen (top) and female Neotibicen lyricen (bottom) (annual summertime types)

Tibicen tibicen (T) and Tibicen lyricen (B) dorsal view

Image of Magicicada septendecim (periodical/17-year species)

Magicicada on a leaf.


There’s an abundance of videos on our YouTube channel, for example:

Video of a Neotibicen tibicen (annual summer species molting):

How To Identify the Species of a Periodical Cicada / “Locust” / Magicicada

Social Media

And like everyone else, we upload content to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Feel free to share that stuff as well. Knock your socks off.

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