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August 7, 2005

Brood X: Year of the Cicada documentary

Filed under: Brood X | Magicicada | Pop Culture | Video — Dan @ 5:53 pm

Director Rohit Colin Rao is getting set to release his documentary Brood X: Year of the Cicada. The documentary focuses on the Brood X emergence of last year. The trailer looks awesome.

Speaking of Brood X, I found a home movie from 2004 on the Internet Archive: Cicadas in Cincinnati, May 2004.

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  1. brian duquette says:

    the last time i saw a cicada was back in 1995-96 im not sure. but i am sure
    that i caught a 13 year cicada in the new britain ,ct area. aug 8th 2005.
    this is the first and only specemin ive seen so far

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