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October 7, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Created Cicada Images, DALL-E 3, Bing Image Creator

Filed under: Cicada Arts | Photos & Illustrations — Dan @ 8:31 am

Use of AI image software like DALL-E 3 is exploding. I used Bing’s version of DALL-E 3 called Bing Image Creator to create some images of cicadas. I am impressed. And maybe a little bit worried for artists and designers.

AI created Lego Cicada

AI created Lego Cicada

AI Cicada Eating Pizza (cicadas do not eat pizza)

AI Cicada Eating Pizza

AI Cicada Halloween Party

AI Halloween Party

AI Cicadas in Space in the style of a 1980s neon poster

AI Neon Cicadas

AI Cicada statue

AI Cicada statue

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