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August 13, 2012

A Neotibicen tibicen (chloromera) singing

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The trees near where I work are chocked full of Tibicen tibicen cicadas (formerly known as T. chloromera, also known as Swamp cicadas).

Here is a short video featuring the call of a Tibicen tibicen that I recorded this morning:

Here’s a sound file of the cicada’s song…


  1. Dan says:

    Cameron, as long as some of the trees remain, and their root systems are still heathy, and the nymphs were not disturbed, so should survive. I’ve seen and heard Tibicen in the smallest parks in Manhattan, so they can survive in limited situations.

  2. Julie Stanton says:

    I live in Spring Hill Florda about 15 minutes away from Brooksville Florida. My job is located in the airport park in Brooksville and the whole area in INFESTED with these bugs. Just coming out of the building your getting hit by them. They kind of jump and fly low to the ground. They are hugh and scary looking. The make that noise all day at least the 8 hrs I there and it’s SO loud….It sounds like millions of them. The biggest one ive seen is about 3 inches. They may be extint in England but they’re taking over down here!!!

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