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June 18, 2024

A Basic Guide to the Meaning of the Letters on Cicada Wings

Filed under: Folklore — Dan @ 3:04 pm

This is a web version of this old PDF.

There is an “old wives tale” that says that if you see a “W” on a cicada’s wing that there will be war, and if you see a “P” there will be peace. What you see is in the eyes of the “bugholder”, but I’ve personally only seen a “W”, which almost seems logical, because there is always a war going on somewhere.

Here's a basic guide to the Letters and what they mean: A "W" means War.

A "p" means Peace, or maybe Plague. An "M" means More Cicadas! A Lighting Bolt shape means Taking Care of Business Quickly. A "7" means Zombies!! An "R" means the Rapture!!!

A series of bars is an indication of how strong your cell phone signal is.

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Cicada T-shirts

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