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July 16, 2005

Summer Time cicadas

Filed under: Roy Troutman,Tibicen — Dan @ 9:50 am

Cicada photo by Roy Troutman

This article is reminiscent of the recent Gregory Rummo article Bugged by all that noise.

More Tibicen photos from Roy Troutman.

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  1. Mike Smith says:

    This example of tibecan with green as shown is what we have this year popping up. Bug Collecting as a child was a big deal and in an old tree fort I had in an apple orchard I watched many a cicada killer wasp fly off with her prize. Abundance of cicada above this year in Kendall Co. Illinois. Would you tell me as much as you can about this example and I will continue to report any other types I see. Until I became coputer literate I never knew there were so many or that they were so widespread across the globe. Thanks,Smitty

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