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April 12, 2008

Tymbals of the cicada of Genus Dundubia, Bangkok, Thailand

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Santisuk Vibul sent us new photos of the tymbals of the cicada of Genus Dundubia, from Bangkok, Thailand.

Here’s a sample:

Tymbals of the cicada of Genus Dundubia by Santisuk Vibul. Thailand. 2008.


  1. Santisuk Vibul says:

    Dear Dr. David Emery,
    Thank you very much for your appreciation and your advice. The cicada season in Thailand (particulary in Bangkok) nearly comes to the end (rather early for this year) because it started more early in this yearly cicada season.
    Santisuk Vibul.

  2. David E says:

    Dear Santisuk,
    Excellent photo and it would be useful if high-quality digital photos such as these can replace ink drawings in taxonomic papers (good illustrators are becoming an endangered species!). I caught several Dundubia vaginata from Ipoh in northern Malaysia during a recent confernce in late Feb- a 10 minute soaking in buffered formailn has held the delightful green colour. Good luck with your season which must be in full swing now.

  3. Santisuk Vibul says:

    I would like to add that there are 5 tymbal ribs for the cicada of this genus (see enlarged
    image of the 3rd. photo)

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