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April 5, 2011

The Cicadidae of Japan. Cicada book of the year?

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It’s too early to say, but The Cicadidae of Japan might end up being the cicada book of the year. The book was authored by Dr. M. Haysashi and Dr. Yasumasa Saisho (of the incredible Cicadidae of Japan website), and it includes photos and a CD of cicada song.

The book is currently available from

Information from Dr. Yasumasa Saisho:

Hello. I inform you that “The Cicadidae of Japan” by Dr. M.Hayashi and
myself is published. This book consists of taxonomic exposition, ecological
information, distribution, acoustic attribute of calling songs,
morphological features of Japanese cicadidae with many photos and CD
(including all songs of Japanese species, about 70min).

M. Hayashi and Y. Saisho (2011). The Cicadidae of Japan,
224 pp., Seibundo-shinkosha, Tokyo.

M. Hayashi and Y. Saisho (2011). The Cicadidae of Japan


  1. Yasumasa says:

    For more information, please contact to the publisher directly:

    [Publisher] Seibundo-Shinkosha
    [Address] Hongo 3-3-11, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033 Japan

  2. Philippa Gordon says:

    Can I purchase the CD on it’s own? How much is the book and where can I buy? I love cicadas and miss the sound from when I lived in Japan.If there are other recordings of cicada sounds I’d be interested in a recommendation.
    Thank you

  3. Elias says:

    How can one obtain the book? is a bit intimidating to use when one is not fluent in Nihongo!

  4. Yasumasa says:

    Almost all captions for photos are saying the locality of individuals/ specimens, commentary like “singing male”,
    “mating couple” etc. which are of small importance.

  5. David Emery says:

    Great photos, great recordings and superb effort, but hard going for anyone who is not fluent in Japanese. This detracts from what seems to be an excellent book’s wider appeal (and sales I would guess). Bit like the “Cicadas of Thailand” and “Cicadas of Taiwan”. C’est la vie! English subtitles for the photos would have been great.

  6. Yasumasa says:

    I’m sorry. No English summary. But you can enjoy it absolutely.

  7. Dave says:

    I wonder if the book contains any summaries in English.

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