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May 17, 2018

Periodical cicada season starts, with a straggler

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Update: in addition, two Brood X stragglers were reported on 5/21 in Bloomington, Indiana (thanks Rhonda and Leah).

Original post:

Cicada researcher John Cooley has received the first cicada sighting of the year — a Brood XXIII straggler in western Tennessee!! 3 years later than expected.

So, what’s a straggler? A straggler is a periodical cicada that emerges sooner or later than it is expected to emerge. In this case, a cicada with a 13-year lifecycle emerged in 16 years — 3 years off.

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  1. Marcella B says:

    I live in Noblesville Indiana. I have been hearing a single periodical cicada. From what it sounds like it is very young and small. I am unable to see it but to me their call is very distinct. I believe it to be the brood that wasn’t due until 2021. I’m wondering what is causing the disturbances in these cycles. Could it be how volatile the seasons are now or possible seismic activity in the area? Last year there was a large outbreak of periodical cicadas that were also early in the Lawrence area in Indianapolis. I will report back if I hear more or if I find any. I am also wondering since they are very young and quite small if they are able to reproduce? I have a photo of one I rescued last year that wasn’t able to fly for a few days. The wings were mishapened.

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