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January 20, 2013

Orange-speckled green cicada (Lembeja sp nov)

Filed under: Identify | Indonesia | News — Dan @ 11:45 am

A pretty green speckled cicada from North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

If you can identify the species, let us know.


  1. Carolyn says:

    I was recently in Bogor, Java, Indonesia. Every evening at sundown, there is a very loud buzz that sounds like a buzzer at a basketball game. One starts, then is slowly joined by all. They buzz for about 1/2 hr. and then dwindle back down to one and over. What do you suppose it is?

  2. david emery says:

    Quite a little ripper Dan! I checked with some cicada heavies and this Lembeja sp is in collections but does not appear to be described. Interesting as it appears reasonably common in Northern Sulawesi (but maybe a short window of emergence and survival around monsoon times that aren’t the best for collecting trips!)

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