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September 13, 2023

Mystery Neotibicen in Edison, New Jersey

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Occasionally similar cicada species mate and form hybrids. Neotibicen linnei aka Linne’s Cicada exists in most of New Jersey and Neotibicen winnemanna aka Eastern Scissors Grinder exists in central and south-western New Jersey. These two species are known to hybridize. The other day I heard a cicada and wasn’t quite sure what it was. The tone sounded like Linne’s Cicada but the rhythm was like the Eastern Scissors Grinder. Is it a hybrid? The good people over on the Cicada Discussion, Science and Study Group say it’s likely a hybrid.

Here’s the audio:

Maybe the most interesting thing is proof of the existence of Eastern Scissors Grinder in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Others have heard them in East Brunswick as well.


spectrogram of the hybrid's song.

Or listen on YouTube:

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