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May 28, 2007

Magicicada Emerging from its Exuvia

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Here’s some nice close ups (macros) of a Magicicada emerging from its exuvia (what most people call skin, or husk, or shell). The photos were taken by Michael Fiorenzo with a Nikon Coolpix 3200. Click the images for the full size originals.

Molting Magicicada:
Molting Magicicada

Molting Magicicada:
Molting Magicicada

Mating Magicicada:
Mating Magicicada


  1. Keith Newton says:

    Great shots. I hope I get the chance to catch this happening someday myself. I caught a dragonfly just after it was out last week and managed some pretty good images. I have been wondering about the white strands which are sticking out of the exuvia. I would like to know what their function is. Is it something like an umbilical cord that sets off some sort of chemical reaction or something. They seem like they might have been internally connected. If you or anyone knows what they are called and or their function is, I would like a link to good information.

  2. Mark Muto says:

    What awesome pics Michael!! The clarity is fantastic! Strong detail and a great angles! Two thumbs up! :o)
    Mark Muto

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