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June 10, 2008

Identify this cicada

Filed under: Identify — Dan @ 8:42 pm

Cicada experts: can you identify this cicada? Hint: although it has white eyes, it is not a 17 year cicada. These photos were take by John Beard in Atascosa County, TX. BTW, is the black spot in the middle of the eye technically considered a pupil? Let us know.

Mystery cicada

Mystery cicada


  1. Dan says:

    I think Kathy is right. Looks like the Pacarina on Bug Guide.

  2. Dave Marshall says:

    I’m a bit wary of venturing out on this because the cicada looks teneral, but my wife Kathy Hill (more of a morphologist) says it is probably a species of Pacarina.

  3. John Beard says:

    We are used to seeing large cicadas in this area, but this insect was only about 3/4″ long.

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