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April 30, 2008

17 year cicada emergence predictions

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Hey everybody!

Using Gene Kritsky’s formula, and the Weather Underground, I’ve pulled together some sample emergence predictions. Chances are I missed your town, but you can use the formula and gab your own prediction.

Louisville Kentucky – May 11th

Lexington Kentucky – May 15th

Cincinnati & Batavia Ohio – May 15th*

Charleston West Virginia – May 11th

Bendersville, PA – May 15th

Islip & Stony Brook, LI — May 16th

Plymouth, MA – May 22

Falmouth, MA – May 24

Looks like the cicadas will start appearing a couple at a time next week, and then starting the following week the full-blow emergences will begin in the southern most states.

* Note: Gene Kritsky wrote to say that he has predicted May 13th for Cincinnati using his formula. The reason the numbers differ is Gene has more precise temperature information.


  1. kaleb says:

    This website is my faverite, i wish the red eyed magicicadas
    were here, i have only seen it at the pool. It flew onto my stepmoms neck, then she
    it in the water. I picked it up and put it in the grass.

  2. Wow! What an awesome website and idea you had! We are absolutely loving the cicadamania stories! We will look for them on our playground!

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