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March 16, 2013

Cicada News for March 2013

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There’s going to be a lot of cicada news this year, so I’m going to start publishing a regular cicada news feature. Here is a recap of news for March, so far.

Two articles that are getting a lot of buzz:

The 17-Year Cicadas Are Coming in the Business Insider.

The Cicadas Are Coming! Crowdsourcing An Underground Movement on NPR.

Flying salt shakers of death, written by Angie Macias, is an article about the Massospora fungus that attacks cicadas.

Cicadas’ antibacterial trick may help humans, written by Russell McLendon, is an article about how the structure of cicada wings help them defend themselves from bacteria. “Scientists have found tiny spikes on cicada wings that rupture and kill bacterial cells — a disease-fighting strategy that might also work in manmade materials”.

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  1. akbaumgard says:

    as a child i followed the emergence of cicadas with great delight. I kept the exo-skeletons in my dollhouse. I am excited about this scientific study that the public can follow.

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