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May 14, 2008

Cicada Emergence Update

Filed under: Brood XIV — Dan @ 9:58 pm

Gene Kritsky wrote to say that the emergence in the Cincinnati area did indeed start on the 13th, particularly in areas where the sun was able to heat the ground to 66 degrees. The past week or so has been cold in the Cincinnati area, which has slowed the progress of the emergence. Those of you hoping to get the emergence under way need to wish for warmer weather. Of course you should visit The Mount’s Cicada Website and check out the Where are They Now Google map, which will show you where they are emerging. I encourage you to report your sightings on Gene’s site as well.

Nanci Perlstein reported on the message board that “in Asheville, N.C. very close to the Blue Ridge Parkway. There are hundreds of them!”.

Roy McGinnis reported that he witnessed 1000’s of cicadas in “Carter County half way between Johnson City and Elizabethton TN

Rita Bobeana reported that they’re experiencing a hatch and a half in “the very northeast end of Unicoi County, TN“.

And Becca reported at least one cicada found by herself and her daughter in Louisville, KY.


  1. Mel says:

    Seeing a few in Kentucky in the Jeffersontown area. I was taking the dog out yesterday morning and one flew into my hair. (Eewww.) Today seeing some dead ones on the deck.

  2. Ellen S. says:

    We saw the first ones in Milford/Miami Twp. Monday, May 26.

  3. merry singer says:

    i woke up yesterday and went for a walk in north asheville and every step along the way was garnished with cicadas hatched, hatchng, flying and passed on. so many cicadas! wow!

  4. jr says:

    they are deafing here in Weaverville NC

  5. Brent says:

    I can confirm the Asheville report. There are tons all over my yard and neighborhood. Just came out yesterday.

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